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Q: How can I become an IBM Authorized Partner?

A: Log onto IBM’s Web site at and complete the online application.

Q: Can a 6M ServerRaid be connected to the internal Backplane on a X346 ?

A: No, if the internal cable is used on the 6M it will block air flow to the system. ( IBM will not support the 6M for Internal use on a X346)

Q:How do I find out about the "Sell more Blue" program ?

A: Call  your Tech Data sales team and ask for Sell more Blue quote. The sales rep calls the Rapid Response desk to create the promo.

Q:What is the entry level server that supports Hot Swap Drive Bays ?

A: Some models of the new X206  have 3 Hot-Swap drive bays. Look at the X206 PST page for all your options.

Q: Do the IBM ThinkPad  R51 & T43 Series come standard with a 1.44MB diskette drive?

A: NO, you have to order the USB IBM Portable Diskette Drive (05K9276) 407436  The removable floppy drive 407429 is supported in the R40 series only. The R51 and T43 series notebooks have a new Slim Ultrabay .

Q: Does the IBM ThinkPad X31 X40 come standard with an 1.44MB diskette drive and a CD-ROM drive?

A: NO, you must order the X3 Selectbase or X4 for the X40 and a USB FD, plus a Combo drive for the  Ultrabay 2000. The Ultrabay 2000 provides support for the Ultrabay 2000 interchangeable options. Check the X31 & X40 PST page for new bundle systems that ship with the X3 and X4 selectbase and a Combo drive.

Q: Can I put the newer Hot Swap Ultra 320 Drives in older Systems ?

A: No Ultra320 Hot Swap drives will only work in systems with a Ultra 320 backplane. X225, 235, 255, 365,

Q: Why is there no support for the X445 and 450 Servers?

A: The X445 and X450 servers require special Authorization, above the standard IBM authorization. Call Tod Jeffers at X82066

Q: Does the High End LTO tape library and Fiber switches require special Authorization? 3582, 3583, 3584 and Macdata and Cisco Fiber switches

 A: Yes, Call James Russell at X75030 for more information.

Q: Can I buy IBM spare parts through Tech Data?

A: No, You can call IBM direct at 1-800-388-7080 for spare parts. We also recommend as a second source for spare parts.

*More questions coming soon

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