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Universal Tower Servers    

Intel processor-based servers: Universal servers

xSeries 100

XSeries 100

Tower form factor
•  Choice of processor-Intel® Pentium® D (dual-core), Intel Pentium 4 or Intel Celeron® (all support Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology)
•  256MB or 512M standard memory/8GB maximum memory via 4 DIMM slots
•  80GB internal storage standard/500GB Serial ATA internal storage maximum

X206 Visual tour

XSeries 206
Tower with 4U rack capability via optional rack-mount kit
• Intel® Pentium® 4 processor up to 3.0GHz with high-performance 800MHz front-side bus speed
• 256MB standard/4GB maximum PC2700 or PC3200 ECC DDR memory
• Choice of fixed SCSI HDDs (up to 587GB), hot-swap SCSI (up to 587.2GB) or simple-swap Serial ATA (up to 240GB)
• Alert Standard Format 2.0 provides highly secure remote power on and off support for remote clients, even in an OS-absent state
• ServeRAIDTM 7e allows you to configure your new server with RAID 0 or 1, without having to purchase hardware adapters


xSeries 206m

xSeries 206m

The IBM eServer® xSeries® 206m brings new features to entry-level servers that help lower overall IT costs and better accommodate growth.
•  Tower with 5U rack capability via optional rack-mount kit
•  Choice of processors: Intel® Pentium® D (dual-core) or Intel Pentium 4 (both support Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology)
•  Up to 1GB standard memory/8GB PC2-4200 DDR II memory maximum
•  Up to 1.2TB maximum capacity via four hot-swap SAS HDDs, or up to 1TB maximum capacity via four hot-swap, simple swap or fixed Serial ATA HDDs
•  Six I/O slots: 2 PCI, 2 PCI-Express and 2 PCI-X (model dependent)
•  Hot-swap redundant power supplies help reduce downtime, keeping systems up and running


xSeries 226

x226 Visual tour

xSeries 226

Availability at a price you can afford

  • 2-way tower with 4U rack capability via optional rack-mount kit
  • Up to two Intel® XeonTM Processors up to 3.20GHz with 800MHz front-side bus speed supports Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology for investment protection
  • 512MB standard/16GB47 maximum PC2-3200 DDR2 memory
  • IBM ServeRAIDTM-7e features integrated RAID-0 or -1 standard
  • Up to 6 hot-swap Ultra320 SCSI hard disk drives and 880GB max storage (select models) and up to 4 simple-swap Serial ATA HDDs (with optional RAID adapter)
  • IBM Director, Alert Standard Format 2.0, Remote Deployment Manager and optional Remote Supervisor Adapter II for proactive remote management for distributed environments


xSeries 236

x236 Visual tour

xSeries 236

Mission-critical, 2-way tower for distributed environments

  • 5U tower server delivers extreme performance and availability with rack capability via optional rack-mount kit
  • Up to two Intel® XeonTM Processors up to 3.60GHz with 800MHz front-side bus speed supports Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology
  • Up to 16GB DDR2 memory using 8 DIMM slots with enhanced memory availability features, 6 slots for I/O expansion including PCI-X, Active PCI and high-performance PCI-Express slot
  • Up to 9 hot-swappable SCSI hard disk drive support for large capacity storage and high availability through integrated RAID-0, -1 with optional upgrade to RAID-5 via ServeRAIDTM-7k-no PCI slot required
  • Hot-swap redundant cooling, power, Active PCI-X slot and hard disk drives for high availability
  • Integrated IPMI management processor and optional upgrade for enhanced systems management via Remote Supervisor Adapter II option-no PCI slot required

  • xSeries 260

    X260 Visual Tour

    xSeries 260
    Affordable, high-capacity, 4-way server that provides outstanding internal scalability for businesses with multiple locations or data centers
    (Starting price may not include a hard disk drive, operating system or other features.)  Up to four Intel® Xeon Processors MP up to 3.66GHz
    •  Up to 64GB of DDR2-based High-availability Active Memory
    •  Over 3TB Maximum Internal Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) HDD storage
    •  Designed with IBM eServer X3 Architecture, the third-generation of IBM Enterprise X-Architecture technology delivering break-through x86 performance with 64-bit memory addressability

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