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IBM System Storage SAN40B-4  


The IBM 2498 SAN40B-4 is an enterprise-class 8 Gbps FC switch designed to handle the large-scale SAN requirements of an enterprise and can also be used to address the SAN requirements of a small-to-medium-sized workgroup.

  • High port density design with up to 40 ports in an efficient, space saving 1U height
  • Simple-to-use midrange and enterprise SAN fabric switch for IBM POWERâ„¢ Systems, System xâ„¢, System z® and other server environments
  • New levels of performance with 8 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC) technology
  • Non-disruptive capacity activation from 24 to 32 to 40 ports with Ports on Demand scalability
  • High availability with redundant, hot-swappable fans and power supplies and non-disruptive software upgrades
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SAN40B-4 Data Sheet  (166KB)

Interoperability Matrix  (245KB)

Common Features

Hardware Summary

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HOW TO CONFIGURE YOUR SAN40B-4: Walk through this step-by-step guide, choosing appropriate models and options as indicated below:

Step 1: SAN40B-4

The System Storage SAN40B-4 switch is a 40-port auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, or 8 Gbps FC switch delivering the next generation b-type single-chip architecture for FC SANs. With high port density and a slim 1U height, the SAN40B-4 enables the creation of very dense fabrics in a relatively small space. With its flexible Ports on Demand capability scaling from 24 to 32 or 40 ports, the SAN40B-4 provides excellent overall value as the foundation of a SAN with the ability to grow with an organization's SAN needs. This switch is designed to support FICON, FICON Cascading, and FICON Control Unit Port.

Description TD #
SAN40B-4 (The base function of the SAN40B-4 switch includes 24 activated ports, Fibre Channel fabric services, Advanced Zoning, Full Fabric, Fabric Watch, Web Tools, and Enhanced Group Management (EGM). The SAN40B-4 enclosure contains one system board and two hot-swappable, redundant power supply FRUs, each with two integrated fans to generate necessary airflow to cool the whole system.)

SAN40B-4 (Includes 24-port activation and capability to attach to hosts and storage device. Port activation features do not include fiber optic transceivers; however, all activated ports must be populated with SFPs)


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Step 2: Add SFPs



Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) optical transceivers support any combination of Shortwave (SW), Longwave (LW), and Extended Longwave (ELW) optical media on a single switch.


Short Wave SFPs

Description TD #
8 Gbps Short Wave SFP Transceiver - 1PK 95645M
8 Gbps Short Wave SFP Transceiver - 8PK 95646M
4 Gbps Short Wave SFP Transceiver - 1PK 95638M
4 Gbps Short Wave SFP Transceiver - 8PK 95641M

Long Wave SFPs

Description TD #
8 Gbps Long Wave (10 km) SFP Transceiver - 1PK 95523M
8 Gbps Long Wave (10 km) SFP Transceiver - 8PK 95524M
4 Gbps Long Wave (4 km) SFP Transceiver - 1PK 95639M
4 Gbps Long Wave (4 km) SFP Transceiver - 8PK 95641M
4 Gbps Long Wave (10 km) SFP Transceiver - 1PK 95640M
4 Gbps Long Wave (10 km) SFP Transceiver - 8PK 95643M
4 Gbps Long Wave (30 km) SFP Transceiver ELW - 1PK 95644M

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Step 3: Optional Features

Description TD #
8-Port Activation License - The SAN40B-4 switch ships with the first 24 ports activated in the base product, with two additional increments of 8 ports that can be enabled on demand. Additional port activation is available with this optional feature to enable additional ports from 24 to 31 (first 8-port increment) or ports 32 to 39 (second 8-port activation). Note the first port is designated as port 0 and the last port is designated as 39. Port activation features do not include fiber optic transceivers; however, all activated ports must be populated with SFPs.
8-Port Activation 95655M
B40/40E Enterprise Package - Enterprise Package offers a convenient method to order a set of optional features bundled into one orderable feature number. This package consists of one of each Trunking Activation, Advanced Performance Monitor, Adaptive Networking, and quantity of two 8-Port Activations.
24E Enterprise Package 95656M
Extended Fabric - Extended Fabric Activation extends SAN fabrics beyond the FC standard 10 km by optimizing the internal switch buffers to help maintain performance on ISLs at distances up to 500 km.
Fabric Watch 95657M
Advanced Performance Monitor - Performance Monitoring Activation provides performance monitoring capability to help identify end-to-end bandwidth usage by host/target pairs and is designed to provide information for capacity planning.
Advanced Performance Monitor 95658M
Trunking Activation - ISL Trunking Activation is designed to enable FC packets to be efficiently distributed across multiple Inter-Switch connections (links) between two SAN b-type fabric switches, while preserving in-order delivery. ISL Trunking is supported between any of the supported 2, 4, or 8 Gbps b-type models. Both SAN b-type fabric switches must have ISL Trunking activated.  All the 8 Gbps platforms support a trunk group with up to 8 ports, up to 64 Gbps ISL trunks. The trunking groups are based on the user port number, with contiguous 8 ports as one group.  When connecting the 8 Gbps-capable models to legacy 2 or 4 Gbps-capable b-type fabric switch models, ISL Trunking is supported with link speeds operational at lowest speed and FC packets distributed across ISLs for a combined bandwidth of up to 8 or 64 Gbps.
Trunking Activation 95659M
Adaptive Networking - Adaptive Networking provides a set of capabilities allowing high-priority connections to obtain the bandwidth necessary for optimum performance, even in congested environments. The Quality of Service (QoS) SID/DID Prioritization and Ingress Rate Limiting features are the first components of this license option and are available on all 8 Gbps platforms.
Adaptive Networking 95660M
FICON w/ CUP Activation - FICON with CUP Activation is designed to provide in-band management of the supported SAN b-type switch, router, and director products by System Automation for z/OS from IBM System z10, z9 EC, z9 BC, and zSeries 990, 900, 890, and 800 servers. To enable in-band management on multiple switches and directors, each switch, router, or director must be configured with the appropriate FICON CUP feature. This support is designed to provide a single point of control for managing connectivity in active FICON I/O configurations. System Automation for OS/390 or z/OS can now concurrently manage IBM 9032 ESCON Directors, as well as supported SAN b-type switch and director products with FICON.
FICON w/ CUP Activation 95661M
Integrated Routing - Integrated Routing allows any port in a SAN40B-4 to be configured as an EX_port supporting FCR. Integrated routing is FCR support on the 8 Gbps ports as a native capability, hence they are referred to as native EX_ports. This eliminates the need to add a routing blade or use the SAN18B-R for FCR purposes, and also provides double the bandwidth for each FC Router connection when connected to another 8 Gbps-capable port.
Integrated Routing 95663M

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Step 4: Cabling

Description  TD #
Fibre Optic Cables
1m Fibre Optic Cable LC-LC 030038
5m Fibre Optic Cable LC-LC 030039
25m Fibre Optic Cable LC-LC 030040

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Step 5: HBAs

8GB Fibre Channel HBAs

Description  TD#
Emulex 8GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 44915K
Emulex 8Gb FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 44916K
QLogic 8GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 44917K
QLogic 8GB FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 44918K

4GB Fibre Channel HBAs

Description  TD #
Emulex 4GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 97100D
Emulex 4GB FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 97101D
QLogic 4GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 97436D
QLogic 4GB FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 97437D

NOTE: Please visit IBM's ServerProven site for server compatibility.

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Step 6: Maintenance Options

NOTE: The DS3400 comes with a 3 year, parts and labor next-business-day warranty standard. Many options are available to uplift this protection to higher levels.

Description  TD#
3 Year Onsite Repair 9x5 4 Hour Response 95684M
3 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 4 Hour Response 95685M
3 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 2 Hour Response TBD
5 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 4 Hour Response TBD
5 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 2 Hour Response TBD

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Common Features
  • Standard configuration includes 8-port activation and capability to attach to hosts and storage device. Capability to attach to other SAN devices is standard on 2498-B24 and optional on 249824E.
  • Eight-port activation option enables "pay-as-you-grow" scalability to 16 and 24 ports.
  • No previous SAN experience needed to use EZSwitchSetup wizard.
  • Little or no management required in small fabric configuration.
  • Advanced Web Tools provides intuitive, graphic switch management.
  • Supports IBM POWER Systems and System x, plus selected non-IBM servers.
  • Full compatibility with other IBM System Storage and TotalStorage SAN b-type switches, routers and directors and Native Interoperability with current m-type switches and directors helps protect prior SAN investments.
  • Ideal for use as an edge switch in larger SANs.
  • Access Gateway mode enables seamless connectivity into heterogeneous SAN environments, enhances scalability and simplifies manageability (available only on 24-port configurations).
Hardware Summary
  • 1U 19" packaging designed for rack-mount or table-top.
  • Designed for high-performance with 8 Gigabit per second (Gbps) fibre channel ports (requires storage hardware that supports 8 Gbps throughput).
  • Speed auto-sensing capabilities provide backward compatibility with 4, 2 and 1 Gbps fibre channel links.
  • Supports 8, 4 and 2 Gbps link speeds or 4, 2 and 1 Gbps link speeds depending on which optical transceivers (SFPs) are used.
  • Shortwave and longwave SFPs with different speeds can be intermixed in the same switch to meet unique requirements.
  • Full Fabric operation and Universal Port Operation are available on all ports.
  • Inter Switch Link (ISL) trunking is supported on all ports.
  • Advanced Zoning, intelligent management and monitoring with Web Tools, Fabric Watch and Performance Monitor features.
  • Non-blocking architecture designed to provide up to 284 Gbps aggregate throughput with a 24-port configuration.
  • Standard Advanced Zoning provides hardware-enforced zoning to protect against unauthorized or unauthenticated storage network access, non-secure management access and World Wide Name spoofing.
  • IBM SAN b-type switches and directors use common switch firmware, which helps simplify SAN fabric expansion.
  • Firmware upgrades are designed to be non-disruptive.
  • Remote access and remote management are available through the fabric using GUI, SNMP and Telnet.

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