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Cisco MDS 9124 Express  


The Cisco MDS 9124 Express for IBM System Storageâ„¢ is designed to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses with a wide range of SAN capabilities. It can be used as part of SAN solutions from simple single-switch configurations to larger multi-switch configurations in support of fabric connectivity and advanced business continuity capabilities.

  • Foundation for new infrastructure simplification and business continuity solutions for servers running Microsoft® Windows®, UNIX®, Linux®, NetWare® and IBM OS/400® operating systems
  • High-performance 1, 2 and 4 Gigabit per second links with pay-as-you-grow scalability enable growth from 8 to 16 to 24 ports
  • "Ports on Demand" scalability from 8 to 16 to 24 ports
  • Designed for high availability with hot-swappable, dual power supplies and non-disruptive firmware upgrades
  • Cisco MDS 9000 family compatibility supports scalability and consistent service as the SAN grows
  • Enterprise Package and Fabric Manager Server Package provide added intelligence and value
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Cisco MDS 9124 Data Sheet  (110KB)

Interoperability Matrix  (832KB)

Feature & Benefits

Technical Specifications

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HOW TO CONFIGURE YOUR MDS 9124: Walk through this step-by-step guide, choosing appropriate models and options as indicated below:

Step 1: MDS 9124


The MDS 9124 24-Port Multilayer Fabric Switch offers 24 line-rate, 4-Gbps ports. It supports the same Industry-leading Cisco MDS 9000 SAN-OS Software that is supported on the entire Cisco MDS 9000 family of products. The Cisco MDS 9124 is ready to deploy with minimal configuration and requires no training to operate. The QuickConfig wizard simplifies and accelerates the initial fabric activation.


Description TD #
MDS 9124 (The Cisco MDS 9124 offers flexible, on-demand port activation; through software licensing, ports can be activated in 8-port increments. The default base switch has 8 active ports.)

MDS9124 (Includes 8-port activation and capability to attach to hosts and storage device. Port activation features includes fiber optic transceivers)


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Step 2: Optional Features

Description TD #
8-Port Activation License w/ 8 SFPs
8-Port Activation w/ 8 SFPs 95322M
9124 Second Power Supply
9124 Second Power Supply 95323M

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Step 3: Cabling

Description  TD #
Fibre Optic Cables
1m Fibre Optic Cable LC-LC 030038
5m Fibre Optic Cable LC-LC 030039
25m Fibre Optic Cable LC-LC 030040

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Step 5: HBAs

8GB Fibre Channel HBAs

Description  TD#
Emulex 8GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 44915K
Emulex 8Gb FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 44916K
QLogic 8GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 44917K
QLogic 8GB FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 44918K

4GB Fibre Channel HBAs

Description  TD #
Emulex 4GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 97100D
Emulex 4GB FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 97101D
QLogic 4GB FC Single-port HBA PCI-E 97436D
QLogic 4GB FC Dual-port HBA PCI-E 97437D

NOTE: Please visit IBM's ServerProven site for server compatibility.

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Step 6: Maintenance Options

NOTE: The DS3400 comes with a 3 year, parts and labor next-business-day warranty standard. Many options are available to uplift this protection to higher levels.

Description  TD#
3 Year Onsite Repair 9x5 4 Hour Response TBD
3 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 4 Hour Response 95333M
3 Year nsite Repair 24x7 2 Hour Response TBD
5 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 4 Hour Response TBD
5 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 2 Hour Response TBD

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Quick Configuration Wizard
  • Helps reduce deployment and management complexities for first time SAN buyers
On-Demand Port Activation
  • Scalable pricing enables a pay-as-you-grow strategy
Redundant, swappable power supplies
  • Improves availability because power supply failure does not cause a switch failure
  • Improves availability because power supply may be replaced without requiring the switch to reboot
Cisco Fabric Manager and Cisco CLI
  • Simplify installation and fabric management for Cisco MDS 9000 customers
  • Simply SAN consolidation with Cisco MDS 9000 family SAN fabrics
Auto-sensing 4, 2 and 1 Gbps ports
  • Enable high performance and improved utilization
  • Enable rapid switch deployment with minimal configuration
  • Provide easy installation and manageability
  • Support new 4 Gbps server and storage devices
Hot-swappable SFP transceivers
  • Support fast and easy replacement of optical transceivers with no tools required
High density package
  • Provide 50% more ports than traditional 16 port switches
Non-disruptive firmware upgrades
  • Significantly reduce software installation time
  • Enable fast software upgrades
  • Avoid disruption to existing fabric when installing updates
  • Reduce administrative overhead
Wide range of IBM supported servers and storage products
  • Provide flexible choice of servers, storage, software and switches for creation of infrastructure simplification and business continuity solutions with worldwide IBM service and support
Compatibility with Cisco MDS 9000 family
  • Provide switch investment protection for existing fabrics
  • Allow inter-operation with Cisco MDS 9000 products
Cisco MDS 9000 Enterprise Package
  • Simplify SAN consolidation with advanced security capabilities for secure infrastructure simplification solutions
Cisco MDS 9000 Fabric Manager Server Package
  • Simplify management of large enterprise SAN infrastructures


Technical Specifications
Base fabric switch Cisco MDS 9124 with 8 ports activated, 8 shortwave SFP transceivers
Includes replaceable power supply and redundant cooling, Cisco Fabric Manager, Cisco Device Manager, Cisco CLI
Fibre Channel interfaces E_Port, F_Port, FL_Port
Optical transceivers 4 Gbps shortwave SFPs
4 Gbps longwave 4 Km SFPs
4 Gbps longwave 10 Km SFPs
Fans and power Replaceable power supply and redundant cooling
Hot-swap components Power supplies, SFP optical transceivers
Rack support 19 inch, 1RU industry-standard rack
Management software Cisco Fabric Manager
Servers supported* IBM BladeCenter®, IBM System x servers and selected Netfinity® servers
Other Intel® processor-based servers
IBM System p and selected RS/6000® servers
IBM System i
Selected Sunâ„¢ and HP servers
Storage products supported* IBM Storage System DS6000, DS8000â„¢ and Enterprise Storage Server®
IBM TotalStorage® Enterprise Storage Server Systems
IBM System Storage DS3000 and DS4000 Disk Systems
IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drive
IBM System Storage TS3100, TS3200, TS3310 and TS3500 Tape Libraries
IBM TotalStorage 3494 Tape Library
IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) & SAN File System (SFS)
Fibre optic cable Fibre optic cables are required and are available in various lengths in single mode and multi-mode formats

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