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IBM System Storage DS3200  


The IBM System Storage DS3000 series is the family of storage enclosures from IBM. The DS3000 series is specifically designed to address the needs of small and medium businesses. With many small business IT departments having one or a part-time administrator and limited time to spend on data management, the DS3000 series can be easily installed without extensive knowledge or effort.

  • 3 Gbps Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host interface and drive expansion technology
  • Easy to deploy and manage with the DS3000 Storage Manager—perfect for inexperienced and/or part-time administrators
  • Combination of 12 SAS or SATA 3.5" drives per enclosure
  • Expandable by attaching up to three EXP3000s, a total of 21.6 TB of storage capacity with 450 GB SAS or up to 48.0 TB with 1.0 TB SATA
  • Affordable for the small and medium business (SMB) budgets
  • RAID data protection – redundant I/O paths and components, hot spares
  • Shared-storage benefits – consolidation, single management, increased efficiencies within the IT infrastructure
  • NEBS and ETSI compliance

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DS3200 Data Sheet  (172KB)

Interoperability Matrix  (346KB)

DS3000 Sample Configurations ( 2.9MB)

DS3000 Implementation Guide ( 18.1MB)

IBM System Storage Product Guide  (326KB)

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HOW TO CONFIGURE YOUR DS3200: Walk through this step-by-step guide, choosing appropriate models and options as indicated below:

 Step 1: Choose your IBM System Storage DS3200 model


The DS3200 is a 2U enclosure with 3 Gbps SAS interfaces and supports up to 12 disk drives. Single and dual controller models.  Capacity of up to 48 hard disk drives by using the EXP3000 expansion unit. Standard ac models and also dc-powered models especially well-suited for Telco industry environments.



Description TD #

DS3200 Single Controller Model - Single controller; dual-redundant, hot-swappable fans and ac power (upgradeable to dual controllers with SAS controller upgrade option). Holds up to 12-drives internally and connection for up to 3 EXP3000's.


DS3200 Dual Controller Model - Dual controller; dual-redundant, hot-swappable fans and ac power.  Holds up to 12-drives internally and connection for up to 3 EXP3000's.


NOTE: Ships with the rack mounting kit and two 2.8m/9ft intra-rack power cords (IEC 320-C13 to IEC 320-C14)

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Step 2: Add EXP3000 Expansion Unit



The EXP3000 supports attachment to the DS3000 Series providing a highly available storage system scaling up to 48 SAS and/or SATA disk drives. Up to three EXP3000s can be connected to expand capacity and IOPs performance of the solution to help address your data needs today and tomorrow.


EXP3000 Expansion Unit Max Storage TD #
EXP3000 - 2U, 19" rack mount driven closure designed for supporting a total of twelve 3.5" disk drives.  Single ESM with dual ESM upgrade option. 12 Drives 89987D
EXP3000 Options TD #
Environmental Services Module (ESM) - ESM upgrade for attaching to dual controller DS3000 models. 97593D

NOTE: The EXP3000 comes with a 3 year, parts and labor next-business-day warranty standard. Please see below for warranty uplift options.

EXP3000 Warranty Uplift Options  TD #
3YR onsite repair 9x5x4 hour 594401
3YR onsite repair 24x7x4 hour 043938
3YR onsite repair 24x7x2 hour 043939
5YR onsite repair 24x7x4 hour 383275
5YR onsite repair 24x7x2 hour 383276

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Step 3: Add Drives

Description TD #
SAS Drives
73.4GB 15K HS SAS HDD - Express Seller 30281F
146.8GB 15K HS SAS HDD - Express Seller 30282F
300GB 15K HS SAS HDD - Express Seller 30808F
450GB 15K HS SAS HDD - Express Seller 95459M
73.4GB 15K HS SAS HDD 53422C
146.8GB 15K HS SAS HDD 53423C
300GB 15K HS SAS HDD 97775D
450GB 15K HS SAS HDD 95458M
SATA Drives
500GB Dual Port HS SATA HDD 97514D
750GB Dual Port HS SATA HDD 97585D
1TB Dual Port HS SATA HDD 44191I

NOTE: Can support up to 12 SAS or SATA or combination of both hard drives types.

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Step 4: Add Accessories & Host Licenses


Description TD #
1GB Cache Memory (512MB Cache is included by default per controller.  Purchase two for dual controller models.)
DS3000 1GB Cache Memory Upgrade 97594D
SAS 2-Port Daughter Card  (One card is needed per controller.  Purchase two for dual controller models.)
DS3200 SAS 2-Port Daughter Card 97591D
DS3200 SAS Controller Upgrade (Purchase to upgrades a single controller model to dual controllers.)
DS3200 SAS Controller Upgrade 97590D
DS3000 System Memory Cache Battery (Use for replacement only)
DS3000 System Memory Cache Battery 97595D

Host Licenses

Description TD #
DS3000 Solaris Host License (Expanding the host support to include Sun Solaris on Intel or SPARC servers gives small and medium-size customers a new low-cost storage alternative with the DS3000 series storage system.)
DS3000 Solaris Host License 95457M

NOTE: Windows and Linux on Intel Host Attach License comes standard on all DS3000 models.

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Step 5: Premium Features

Description  TD #
DS3000 FlashCopy Expansion License enables FlashCopy. FlashCopy is a point-in-time copy of a source logical drive.  Allows for up to 4 FlashCopies per volume.  NOTE: As a standard configuration, 2 FlashCopies are enabled on every DS3000 storage subsystem and this premium feature enables up to 64 FlashCopies.
DS3000 FlashCopy Expansion License  (1 license per DS3000) 97599D
DS3000 FlashCopy Expansion Plus License increases the number of FlashCopies per volume to eight allows more frequent data backups and increased data protection (1 license per DS3000).  NOTE:  Requires DS3000 FlashCopy Expansion License (39R6533).
DS3000 FlashCopy Expansion Plus License (1 license per DS3000) - NEW! 95456M
VolumeCopy is a way to provide a complete point-in-time copy of a source logical drive. As opposed to FlashCopy (where only the original values of changed data are copied to the repository), the whole source logical drive is copied to target. You can use this functionality for data replication, relocation, backup, or to restore snapshot data to the original logical drive. The time required to establish a copy will depend on the size of the source data and the operation priority settings. While establishing the copy, the source logical drive will be in read-only state.  Once all the data is copied to the target, the target will remain available if the source logical drive is lost. NOTE: The VolumeCopy premium feature allows for up to 128 VolumeCopies. Be aware that FlashCopy is a prerequisite for VolumeCopy.
DS3000 Volume Copy License (1 license per DS3000) 97600D
FlashCopy / VolumeCopy License is a cost saving bundle of the FlashCopy and VolumeCopy license.
DS3000 FlashCopy / VolumeCopy License (1 license per DS3000) 97601D

Storage partitioning adds a high level of flexibility to the DS3000 Storage Server. It allows you to connect a much higher number of host systems, either in stand-alone or clustered mode. Without storage partitioning, the logical drives configured on a DS3200 can only be accessed by a limited number of host systems or by a single cluster. This can surely lead to inefficient use of Storage Server hardware. Storage partitioning, on the other hand, allows you to create sets, containing the hosts with their host bus adapters and the logical drives. We call these sets storage partitions. Now the host systems can only access their assigned logical drives, just as if these logical drives were locally attached to them. Storage partitioning adapts the SAN idea of globally accessible storage to the local-storage-minded operating systems. Storage partitioning lets you map and mask LUNs (that is why it is also referred to as LUN masking). That means once you have assigned the LUN to a host it is hidden from all other hosts connected to the same Storage Server. Therefore, the access to that LUN is exclusively reserved for that host. NOTE: DS3200 comes standard with 4 storage partitions.

DS3000 upgrade from 4 to 8 storage partitions 95451M
DS3000 upgrade from 4 to 16 storage partitions 97598D
DS3000 upgrade from 4 to 32 storage partitions 95452M
DS3000 upgrade from 8 to 16 storage partitions 95453M
DS3000 upgrade from 8 to 32 storage partitions 95454M
DS3000 upgrade from 16 to 32 storage partitions 95455M

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Step 6: Cabling

Description  TD #
SAS Cables
1M SAS Cable 97351D
3M SAS Cable 97638D

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Step 7: HBAs

Description  TD #
IBM SAS HBA Controller provides an ideal solution for all servers and workstations needing ultra high speed data transfer in disk connectivity for data backup and mission critical applications. The low cost, host bus adapter supports direct attach to internal SAS/SATA II HDDs and tape or external tape and storage controller.)
IBM SAS HBA Controller PCI-E 89988D
ServeRAID-MR10M SAS/SATA Controller with remote battery kit is a high-performance PCI-E RAID Controller for External Direct Attached Storage enabled for remote battery mounting.
ServeRAID-MR10M SAS/SATA Controller PCI-E 95492M

NOTE: Please visit IBM's ServerProven site for server compatibility.

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Step 8: Maintenance Options

NOTE: The DS3200 comes with a 3 year, parts and labor next-business-day warranty standard. Please see below for warranty uplift options.

Description  TD #
3 Year Onsite Repair 9x5 4 Hour Response 97613D
3 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 4 Hour Response 30180F
3 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 2 Hour Response 97615D
5 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 4 Hour Response 44423I
5 Year Onsite Repair 24x7 2 Hour Response 44424I

(RTS) Remote Technical Support (Phone support for the DS3200 24X7)

Description  TD #
1 Year Remote Technical Support for Storage Devices 655254
3 Year Remote Technical Support for Storage Devices 53218C

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