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Tech Data Payment Options

Wire Transfer and ACH Payments

Wire transfer of funds from your bank to ours is another way to expedite drop shipments and rush orders. Arrangement for a wire transfers or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment is made by you with your bank's Customer Service department.

Note: Tech Data cannot accept Book Transfers or counter deposits, we will only accept Wire transfers or ACH payments. A wire or ACH must originate from the Reseller's bank account and reference the Reseller's Tech Data account number. No third party or end user payments will be accepted without approval from Tech Data prior to shipment.

ATTENTION: Our remittance address information has changed for all incoming electronic customer payments. Contact us by email at for details regarding these changes or if you have any questions about wire transfers.

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Tech Data Corporation has a new on-line E-payment option hosted by Billtrust Invoice Gateway.

With this new system you will enjoy the benefits of being able to:

  • View the bill - a replica of the paper version.
  • Sort the bills by key criteria such as date, amount, location, PO#.
  • Search for bills based on invoice or PO#.
  • Download the invoice data into their accounting package (e.g. QuickBooks™).
  • Print the bills.
  • And of course, pay them for free
If you would like to register for this on-line payment option, please contact us at or call 1-800-553-7921 extension 72633.

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TD Check-by-Phone

Tech Data Corporation has a new phone payment option hosted by Bank of America.

With this new system you will enjoy the benefits of being able to:

  • Quickly originate payments
  • Avoid cost of sending overnight payments
  • Avoid fees (this is a free service)
If you would like to register for this Check-by-Phone payment option, please contact your Credit Representative at 800-553-7921 options 3, 1, 3 or email us at

Note: TD Check-by-Phone payments can be originated by any company officer - or others designated by them to authorize payment. [Click here for a copy of the authorization form.] At the time a payment is originated the caller needs to know their bank name, bank address, last 4-digits of their bank account number, and their bank routing number.

ATTENTION: There is a requirement that a previous payment has been made to Tech data using the account number being used for each TD Check-by-Phone payment.

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