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Floorplanning Options (3rd Party Financing)

When you need additional credit to make purchases from Tech Data, think of 3rd party financing (also known as “floorplanning” or “distribution financing”) as a financing solution. Not only is this a way to obtain more credit, but this type of financing is free for 30 days or longer in most cases.

Step#1 Apply for a credit line with one of Tech Data’s approved 3rd party credit providers. Once a credit line is put in place, orders will be accepted.

Step #2 Place an order in your usual way and designate if the order should be placed on your floorplan credit line. If so, Tech Data will flag the order so that it goes electronically to the 3rd party for approval. Once they communicate back to Tech Data (usually in about a minute) the order is processed for shipping.

Step #3 The 3rd party financing company will pay Tech Data for your Tech Data purchases. You pay the third party financing company.

Castle Pines Capital
De Lage Landen Financial Services
GE Capital Solutions
IBM Global Financing

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