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Leasing Options (3rd Party Financing)

When an End User finances their purchases through lease financing arranged through Tech Data, you can benefit in several ways. You essentially receive additional credit since the leasing companies look to your End User's credit worthiness and the leasing companies frequently reward you for having helped to originate the lease. The steps to obtain financing for an End User are easy.

Step #1 Contact one of Tech Data’s approved 3rd party leasing companies and apply for credit on behalf of your End User. Once a transaction is approved, orders will be accepted.

Step #2 Place an order in your usual way and designate if the order will be financed by an End User lease. If so, Tech Data will flag the order in a way that designates that payment to Tech Data will be made by the third party leasing company.

Step #3 The 3rd party leasing company will pay Tech Data for your Tech Data purchases and will pay you for that part of your billing that Tech Data didn’t provide (your service, profit, sales tax, and product that might have been sourced elsewhere). The leasing company will look to the End User for payment over whatever timeframe has been negotiated.

CIT Finance, LLC.
De Lage Landen Financial Services
HP Financial Services
IBM Global Financing



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