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Tech Data Credit Options

Credit is a catalyst to every company's growth, and because each company and market has a unique set of requirements, it takes numerous credit programs to satisfy each need. Tech Data's Credit Services department can play a crucial role. Our range of services includes unique assignment of proceeds alternatives such as Optimum Financial as well as many other options: free floorplanning, leasing, open account terms, direct debit, electronic funds transfer, plus standard services such as credit cards, TD Direct Pay, Check-by-Phone, etc.

A wide variety of credit options is essential to your company's growth. To help you succeed in a highly competitive marketplace, we offer several credit and financing options. We can even help you lease your customers the data systems they need.

Net Terms Account

Your Tech Data account is established with a credit limit and payment terms based on the details of your application, credit history and company's financial statements. At any time you would want your account reviewed for consideration of a higher credit limit, contact your Credit Representative or email us at

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Assignment of Proceeds Program

An excellent way to finance larger orders is to arrange for your customer to pay Tech Data directly. This is accomplished through a simple document that you prepare and have your customer sign. This approach can allow you to use your customer's financial strength to obtain additional credit to support your purchases.

You also have the option to use an intermediary entity, Optimum Financial®. This avoids disclosing your relationship with Tech Data when you arrange the assignment of payments with your customer.

* AOP deals are subject to review and approval from the Tech Data Financial Services team.

For questions or to apply for this program, contact Tech Data's Financial Services team at (800)237-8931 Ext. 77470 or by email to

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Standby Letters of Credit (SLOC)

A SLOC enables Tech Data to receive payment directly from your bank, but only in the event of a default. You then repay your bank according to the terms agreed upon when the letter was issued.

To have a SLOC issued to Tech Data, you will need to visit your bank. Provide your bank with the wording found on the Standby Letter of Credit form at (PDF). This is the standard wording that Tech Data will require on the SLOC document. We recommend that you ask your bank to email Tech Data a draft copy for a final review before formal issuance. Once issued, be sure to have the Original SLOC document mailed to Tech Data.

The Tech Data Credit Services contact information is listed below.

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Cross Corporate Guaranty

As a supplement to other forms of security, Tech Data may ask for a Cross Corporate Guaranty. A Cross Corporate Guaranty would be utilized where the Tech Data reseller is a wholly owned subsidiary of another company or if there is a sister corporation that benefits directly from the other.

To submit a Cross Corporate Guaranty to Tech Data, sign the Cross Corporate Guaranty form at (PDF) and return the original signed copy to Tech Data. The Tech Data Credit Services contact information is listed below.

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Tech Data Credit Services Contact Information

Fax #  Email:  Mailing Address
727-538-7087  Tech Data Corporation
Credit Department, A3-20
5350 Tech Data Drive
Clearwater, FL 33760

Make sure to reference your Tech Data Account number when contacting Credit Services.

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