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Q. What do I do if I lose my full layer 3 upgrade license?
A. Try the Layer 3 Upgrade form.  If it doesn't work, call Extreme Networks Technical Access Center (TAC) at 1 (800) 998-2408.  You will need to give them the serial number for the switch.

Q. Where can I find a comprehensive list of Extreme Networks product performance and maximum number of ports?
A. This information is available below:



Maximum # of Ports

Bandwidth (Gbps)

Throughput (mpps)



Summit24e2 8.8 6.6 24 2
Summit24e3 8.8 6.6 24 2


17.5 10.1 48 2





















Alpine 3802

16 12 64 8

Alpine 3804





Alpine 3808





BlackDiamond 6804

64 48 384 48

BlackDiamond 6808





BlackDiamond 6816

256 192 1,440 192

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Q.  What's the difference between Basic and Full Layer 3 Licensing?
A.  Some Extreme Networks switches support software licensing for different levels of router functionality. In ExtremeWare version 6.0 and above, routing protocol support is separated into two sets: Basic and Full Layer 3. Basic is a subset of Full Layer 3.


  • Basic functionality requires no license key. 
  • All Extreme switches have Basic layer 3 functionality, without the requirement of a license key. 
  • Basic functionality includes all switching functions, and also includes all available layer 3 QoS, access list, and ESRP functions. 
  • Layer 3 routing functions include support for the following:  IP routing using RIP version 1 and/or RIP version 2; IP routing between directly attached VLANs; and IP routing using static routes


On switches that support router licensing, the Full L3 license enables support of additional routing protocols and functions, including the following:

  • IP routing using OSPF 

  • IP multicast routing using DVMRP

  • IP multicast routing using PIM (Dense Mode or Sparse Mode)

  • IPX routing (direct, static, and dynamic using IPX/RIP and IPX/SAP)

  • IP routing using BGP*

  • Server load balancing*

  • Web cache redirection*

* Available in "i" chipset products only.

Q. What number do I call for technical support at Extreme Networks?
A. Contact Extreme Networks™ technical support at or (877) 747-2003
     The Partner Pre-Sales Support Desk will provide real-time pre-sales design, positioning, product and services support and assistance to you,      a valued partner.  This line is staffed by Extreme Networks Presales Channel Systems Engineers (CSE).  Monday  - Friday 8:00am  - 5pm EST.

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Q. What technical courses can I take to learn more about Extreme Networks products?
A. Check out Extreme Networks Education on the web.

Q. How do I purchase service for Extreme Networks products?
A. Decide which service will best meet your needs by reviewing the available services.  Then review the service ordering process.

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Q. Is there somewhere I can get network diagrams for Extreme Networks products?
A. If you need assistance with a network diagram using Visio for your end-users, please contact Tech Data's Extreme Networks Systems Engineer at (800) 237-8931 x82321 or send an e-mail to

Q. Are Visio Stencils available for the Extreme Networks product line?
A.Yes! You can download them from their products page on the Extreme Networks website: Visio Icons 

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Q: What is a mode-conditioning fiber patch cable and when should I use one?
A: A mode-conditioning fiber patch cable (also known as a launch cable) is used when a 1000BLX connection needs to connect to a multi-mode fiber cable.  The mode-conditioning cable allows for proper propagation of the laser VCSEL light along the multi-mode fiber.  A 2M SC/SC 62.5u/125u mode conditioning cable is available at Tech Data from Cables To Go (2M: TD# 101411).

Q: What is the difference in software functionality of "i" chipset products and non-"i" chipset products?
A: The following list summarizes the feature areas specific to the "i" chipset products:

  • QoS and Access Policies – Complete use of IP access lists (products without the "i" chipset are capable of a subset of this functionality); support for IP DiffServ; and support for eight QoS queues per port, instead of four.
  • Bridging/Switching – Support for jumbo frames; support for address- and round-robin-based load-sharing algorithms; ports belonging to a load-sharing group do not need to be contiguous.
  • Routing – Wire-speed IPX routing – Also requires the Full Layer 3 License
  • BGP-4 – Also requires the Full Layer 3 License
  • Server Load Balancing – Also requires the Full Layer 3 License
  • Web cache redirection – Also requires the Full Layer 3 License
  • ESRP – No port blocking restrictions, use of the additional tracking ESRP feature.
  • Load sharing – No contiguous port restrictions.

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Q: Can I upgrade a  Summit5i or Summit7i with 1 power supply to 2 power supplies?
 Summit5i and Summit7i power supplies must be serviced by personnel trained by Extreme Networks only.  If your end-user requires a second power supply, please contact Extreme Networks TAC at 800-998-2408.

Q: What does the Extreme Networks standard warranty include?
  The Extreme Networks Standard Warranty includes:

  • 12 months of Return and Repair hardware Warranty
  • 90 days of Software bug fix support
  • 90 days of Technical Assistance Center Support

Q: Do the BlackDiamond chassis and Alpine chassis come with blank front plate covers?
A: The BlackDiamond does not come with blank front panels; they can be ordered separately (34512A).  The Alpine chassis DOES come with blank front panels.  The Alpine 3804 comes with quantity 4 and the Alpine 3808 comes with quantity 8.  

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Q: What type of power plug comes with the Alpine power supply?
The Alpine has 2 power supply options:
TD# Manuf# Description



Alpine 3800 AC P/S  Includes Power Cord

USA and Canada
  • The cord set must be UL-listed and CSA-certified.
  • The minimum specification for the flexible cord is No. 16 AWG (1.5 mm 2), Type SV or SJ, 3-conductor. 
  • The cord set must have a rated current capacity of at least 13.
  • The attachment plug must be an Earth-grounding type with a NEMA 5-15P (20A, 250V) configuration.



Alpine 3800 DC P/S

  • Each DC power supply requires 22 A at -48 VDC (or equivalent power between -40 and -72 VDC).
  • For DC power and ground cables, use 4 AWG, high-strand-count wire cable.

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Q: What type of power plug comes with the BlackDiamond power supply?
The BlackDiamond currently has 4 power supply options:
TD# Manuf# Description



BlackDiamond 8800 and 10808 - 700W/1200W 100-240V PSU

  • A power cord for use in the United States is provided with each PSU (110 V AC). For use outside of the United
    States, this PSU requires a power supply cord set certified for the country of use.
  • Extreme Networks 700/1200 W AC PSUs are shipped with both 110 V AC and 220 V AC power supply
    cords. The 110 V AC power supply cord allows a maximum DC output power of 700 W. The 220 V AC
    power supply cord allows a maximum DC output power of 1200 W.
  • Extreme Networks 700/1200 W AC PSUs are shipped with both 110 V AC and 220 V AC power supply
    cords. The 110 V AC power supply cord allows a maximum DC output power of 700 W. The 220 V AC
    power supply cord allows a maximum DC output power of 1200 W. 
  • The 700/1200 W AC PSU functions from 90 V to 264 V and 47 Hz to 63 Hz AC Input. Each PSU
    provides 700 W to the system if the AC input is in the 110 V low-line output power range and 1200 W
    to the system if the AC input is in the 220 V high-line output power range.
    A greater number of PSUs are needed to support the load if the low-line power range is used to power
    the switch. The software determines the maximum available power required for the switch and enables
    the modules accordingly.



BlackDiamond 8800 - 600W/900W 100-240V PSU

  • USA, Mexico, and Canada



BlackDiamond 8800 and 10808 - 1200W -48V DC PSU

  • The power supply bay in the BlackDiamond 10808 switch can accommodate up to six
    hot-swappable 1200 W DC PSUs.
  • To use the 1200 W DC PSU, you need a -48 V DC power source capable of providing 50 A dedicated
    power to each 1200 W DC PSU installed in the switch, that delivers -40 to -72 VDC  of constant power. Power distribution to the 1200 W DC PSU shall be provided using the -48 VDC harness provided. Power to the 1200 W DC PSU can be from either a 50 A UL-approved overcurrent protection breaker or an SELV- approved power source in accordance with IEC 60950-1 utilizing 50 A overcurrent protection.

Additionally, all power supply cords provided by Extreme Networks are designed for use only in the United States,
Canada, and Mexico. Power supply cords for use outside of North America are typically provided by a
third-party distribution center and must meet the following requirements:

  • The power supply cord must be agency-certified for the country of use.
  • The power supply cord must have an IEC 320 C13 plug to connect to the IEC320 C14 connector on
    the power supply.
  • The power supply cord must have an appropriately rated and approved wall plug applicable to the
    country of installation.
  • The power supply cord must be less than 5 meters long.
  • The wire size must be a minimum of 16 AWG (1.0 mm2) copper-stranded.
  • Be sure that the source outlet is properly grounded before plugging the AC power cord into the Extreme Networks
    AC PSU. 

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