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Extreme Networks has changed the industry by creating ExtremeXOS–a highly available and extensible software foundation for converged networks. ExtremeXOS raises the bar for availability, which is critical when offering carrier-grade voice and video services over IP and for supporting mission-critical business applications such as CRM. A more available network can also lower operational costs by drastically reducing emergency maintenance. ExtremeXOS allows you to extend the capabilities of your network via dynamic loading of applications, XML APIs and CLI scripting. It allows you to integrate specialized application appliances such as security and VoIP monitoring devices into your network via XML, as well automatically configuring edge ports for security and VoIP using its Universal Port event based activation of scripts.  


Extreme Networks' EPICenterâ„¢ management suite is a full-featured network management tool that simplifies configuration, troubleshooting, and status monitoring of IP-based networks. Offering a comprehensive set of network management applications including the ability to configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and manage the network and its elements, EPICenter delivers on both the basic requirements of network management while adding valuable and intuitive features that help save time by streamlining common tasks.  EPICenter is an integral part of Extreme's Infrastructure and Service Management (ISM) software offerings. Also in the Extreme ISM portfolio is the original ExtremeWare®, the embedded switch management software provided on every Extreme switch, and ServiceWatch®, Extreme's Layer 4 - 7 application watchdog. The total Extreme ISM portfolio has got you covered from the infrastructure up through the application layer. Whether you have small, medium or large management needs, Extreme has a solution for you.

  • Topology view with alarm integration, intelligent alarm systems

  • Dynamic reporting and comprehensive network summary reports

  • Firmware, configuration and ExtremeXOS® CLI script management

  • Telnet macros for easier and quicker configuration across multiple devices concurrently

  • SNMPv3, SSH-2 and HTTPS and LLDP protocol support

  • EAPS Monitoring and Configuration Checker Applet

  • IP/MAC address finder

  • Voice integration with Avaya platform and management systems, Wireless discovery and management

  • Policy Manager and Quality of Service (QoS) policies

  • Universal Port Manager for easy deployment of ExtremeXOS Universal Port profiles

EPICenter Description

EPICenter V6.0 - Base 250 is a configurable network management suite for status monitoring, configuration and troubleshooting of networks based on Extreme Networks switches. Manages up to 250 network devices.   59024E 81601
EPICenter V6.0 Gold Upgrade is a scalability upgrade to the EPICenter software suite via license key to enable the distributed server in EPICenter and management of up to 2000 network devices. Requires EPICenter 6.0 59025E 81602
EPICenter 6.0 Advanced Upgrade is a functionality upgrade to the EPICenter software suite via license key to enable enforcement of security and QoS/ACL policies as well as VoIP QoS configuration assistance. This upgrade includes EAPS support in EPICenter. Universal Port Manager introduced in SP1.  Requires EPICenter 6.0 59026E 81604
ExtremeWorks SW and TAC support for EPICenter V6.0  27479A 97003-EPI
ExtremeWorks SW and TAC support for EPICenter V6.0 Gold Upgrade 27480A 97003-GLD
ExtremeWorks SW and TAC support for EPICenter V6.0 Adv. Upgrade 27481A 97003-PCY



ServiceWatch is a powerful, easy-to-use Layer 4-7 monitoring and management software solution for mission-critical network services such as network access authentication, name and directory services, business applications, e-mail and web. It gives network managers a user's perspective of how their Layer 4-7 network services are performing. If service response time starts to degrade, ServiceWatch notifies the network manager to take corrective action before a problem occurs. ServiceWatch is also a vital capacity planning tool and helps track Service Level Agreements (SLAs) through historical reporting and graphing of service availability and response time.

  • ServiceWatch Description

    Tech Data # Mfr #
    ServiceWatch V2.0 including 10 Services License Pack 380888 82201
    Additional 50 Services License Pack for ServiceWatch V2.0 380889 82202
    Additional 100 Services License Pack for ServiceWatch V2.0 380890 82203
    Additional 500 Services License Pack for ServiceWatch V2.0 380891 82204
    ExtremeWorks SW and TAC support for ServiceWatch V2.0 231616 97003-SRW
    ExtremeWorks SW and TAC support for ServiceWatch V2.0 50SVC TBD 97003-SRW-50
    ExtremeWorks SW and TAC support for ServiceWatch V2.0 100SVC TBD 97003-SRW-100
    ExtremeWorks SW and TAC support for ServiceWatch V2.0 500SVC TBD 97003-SRW-500


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