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IBM PureSystems


Introducing IBM PureSystems expert integrated systems.

  • PureSystems are an immediate leap in IT productivity and competitive advantage for your clients’ businesses.
  • domain and industry expertise in an elastic, cloud-ready infrastructure to dynamically support the ever-changing demands of business.
  • These are not just converged, unified,dynamic or fabric-based solutions.
  • PureSystems are intelligent, adaptive,learn-your-business systems. They're smart, tuned-to-the-task, simplified.

    Now you can cut weeks or even months off customer deployments, while ongoing management time decreases, too.
  • PureSystems bundle three critical features in one simple solution:

  • Systems deeply integrated by design to innately rationalize components, resources and cloud-enabling functions against the ever-changing demands your business places on those resources.
  • A simplified experience through automation and a single-management console, eliminating the drudgery of every drudgery-inducing task.
  • And finally, patterns of expertise infused into the system. Codified, structured, vetted and validated best practices from thousands of deployments and a million lessons learned. All this, built-in and ready to go.

IBM PureFlex™ System.

The IBM PureFlex System offers infrastructure services with a simplified management experience that senses and anticipates resource needs in your customers’ infrastructure. Optimized for performance and virtualized for efficiency, PureFlex deeply integrates all of this intelligence into configurations that are cloud-ready and easy to deploy for your customer’s business.

IBM PureApplication™ System

The PureApplication System offers application platform services expert at optimally deploying and running application workloads. It simplifies and speeds installation, management and maintenance compared to traditional IT environments. PureApplication System is a complete, ready-to-go system optimized for Java, web and database performance; it's virtualized for efficiency and flexibility. It provides built-in patterns of expertise, which are proven best practices that accelerate deployment and simplify management of application and cloud-based services.

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