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Security Opportunities

The need for security is ever-present and ever-changing. Security solutions never go out of style, thanks to cyber crime threats, data theft by employees and others, lost laptops, regulatory compliance, viruses and a host of other concerns that force companies to spend money to protect their corporate and customer data.

The opportunities for selling security solutions are plentiful. According to IDC, the network security market is $6.4 billion and unified threat management market is forecast to grow 13 percent. Gartner agrees with the lucrative aspect of this market and predicts that the endpoint protection platform market should reach $3 billion this year.

In fact, IT analyst group Gartner forecasts a compound annual growth rate of almost 14 percent through 2011 for the threat management security appliance market, as well as a 9 percent increase for the SSL/VPN market through 2013. Even the private network/firewall equipment market is expected to rebound this year with a growth of nearly seven percent.

How do you make the most of these opportunities? Tech Data has the resources and know-how to help you grow your business success.

Security Support

Tech Data's Security Team Supports a community of more than 8,000 Security-focused resellers just like you. With more than 300,000 Security transactions processed last year alone, we've seen it all and are prepared to support your business with dedicated and experienced:

* Software Licensing Specialists
* Systems Engineers
* Product Sales Champions

Let us help you find the ideal solution for your customer's business.

Key Security Technologies

Application and Data Security
Now it's more important than ever for businesses of all sizes to actively protect their data from external, as well as internal threats. As part of a total security solution, we offer products, such as data loss prevention, high availability (storage), database security and Web services to help you protect your customers.

Identity and Access Management
Providing the appropriate access to the appropriate people is more important than ever and with social networking becoming a business tool, threats are even more apparent. Through our vendor partners, Tech Data's Identity and Access Management products include: authentication, 2-factor authentication and 3-factor authentication.

Secure Content and Threat Management
Businesses can no longer ignore the changing environment of network security. Having a well-rounded solution is more important than ever when it comes to combating complex new blended and hybrid threats. Tech Data's Security Solutions products, include messaging (email and IM), network security (UTM, firewall/VPN, IDS/IPS, Wireless IPS), Web security (URL/content filtering, web application firewall) and endpoint protection (AV, FW, Suites).

Security Compliance and Vulnerability Assessment and Management
Meeting internal and regulatory compliance requirements while improving operational efficiency is on top of everyone's mind. We offer the security solutions that assist resellers and their customers in identifying, classifying and minimizing risk in real time. These products include endpoint management, forensics and incident management, policy and compliance, system and configuration management, system information management, device vulnerability and application scanners.

Video Surveillance
As the market moves from analog to digital cameras, responsibility for surveillance systems is shifting from company's security staff to their IT staff. This includes such key verticals as education, federal, state and local government, transportation, retail, manufacturing and industrial, and banking and finance. Networking VARs stand at the crossroads and can turn their networking expertise into new revenue opportunities with IP-based physical security and video surveillance solutions. Our video surveillance products include cameras, monitoring software and hardware.

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