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Warranty, Returns and Cancellation

Warranty information
Tech Data's Integration Services will resolve all issues related to integration performed --- provided that Tech Data is notified within 30 days of invoice to the reseller. Resolution liability covers dead or malfunctioning parts integrated, workmanship and compliance to customers' specifications that were supplied in the pre-configuration process. If you have an issue with a configuration order, please contact our Customer Service Department at 800-237-8931. Defective integrated items will be replaced upon verification by Integration Services Technical Support staff, if the manufacturer's return guidelines allow for the return.

Integration services not involving the actual configuring of hardware or software (asset tagging, labels, packing, palletizing etc.) are not eligible for remedy under the Integration Services Warranty. Standard Tech Data or manufacturer policies and procedures would apply. Customer supplied components are not eligible for replacement under the Integration Services Warranty.

Returns and cancellations
You are authorizing the Tech Data Corporation to perform services on your behalf. As such, once the boxes are moved into production and opened at your request, you are committed to purchasing the open boxed product. The order cannot be cancelled at this stage of the process and the product ordered is non-returnable. Integrated product delivered DOA or with configuration issues can be returned for re-work, repair, or replacement only under our Integration Services Warranty.


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