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Software License Selector

Access the Software License Selector on now.

What is the Software License Selector?
The Software License Selector helps you find the right license through an online concierge that prompts you with simple questions to help you narrow your search in four easy steps. At the end of the process, you can add the appropriate license to your cart and check out with complete confidence that you have the right SKU at the right price.

How can the Software License Selector help resellers?
In the past, choosing software licenses has been cumbersome and difficult. Using the Software License Selector you are able to efficiently find the right SKU. This simple process walks you through the questions you need to ask your end user to ensure that the right license is selected for them.

How can I learn more about the Software License Selector?
Software License Selector tutorials are available through Click on the Tutorials link under the Support menu and then click on the Feature Demonstration of the Software License Selector.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the Software License Selector?
Contact the licensing call center at +1 (888) 835-4236 to schedule a demo. General Software Connections inquiries should be directed to +1 (888) 835-4236 or via e-mail to

Licensing FAQs

Q: What does the Licensing Desk do?
A: The Licensing Desk explains vendor-specific licensing programs, what information is needed to process the programs and any end-user requirements. They also perform order maintenance, order placement and product tracking. Our specialists have knowledge of vendor pricing, product lines and specific programs and products. The licensing desk supports more than 40 vendors.

Q: How can Tech Data support the licensing needs of the reseller new to licensing?
A: Tech Data's team of systems engineers, product sales champions and licensing specialists is committed to providing extensive knowledge and superior service.

Q: How can the Software License Selector help me find the correct license?
A: In four simple steps, the Software License Selector guides you through the entire software purchasing process to identify the right software part and the most accurate pricing, making you an instant expert at software licensing.

Q: What if I already know my software license part number and want to order it?
A: Add it directly to the cart using our various searching and add to cart options, just as you would with hardware items.

Q: What are some benefits of online licensing?
A: The biggest benefit to you that it's available 24 hours a day, saving you valuable time. Licenses expire, and customers will need to buy upgrades and new versions to stay current. Licenses are easier and faster to distribute via the Web.

Q: How does the return policy work?
A: Most software publishers will not take a licensing product back because each license is specific to the end user. However, depending on the vendor and the situation, an exception can be made and products can be returned.

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