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Consumer Technology Solutions


Welcome to the Tech Data Consumer Technology division web portal. Consumers are driving technology today, and you need a partner who is moving at the speed of the consumer. We support brick and mortar, ecommerce, as well as the pro-sumer in the middle, and understand the balance necessary to be competitive in today's fast-paced environment. You want a compelling assortment while managing to budget. You need to be able to turn both inventory and quotes quickly. Tech Data is here to support your unique needs and desires and, working in conjunction with its vendor partners, will deliver world-class support.

We're committed to building strong relationships and support every customer with dedicated account representatives both inside and out—you actually have names and faces that support only you. From the latest and greatest products to special promotions and pricing, to merchandising and marketing ideas, to making sure the product arrives at the right place on time, we are here for you. Tech Data's Consumer Technology team is focused on satisfying your needs while also looking toward the next steps. We are working to bring new vendors into our line card every day. We are focused on virtual delivery of product as well as world-class service initiatives in your store. We are focused on the life of the customer, which means anything goes, and you need to be able to rely on us for that support.

We appreciate your business and hope to build that next layer of support to your business and our relationship this year. We are committed to taking things one day and one product or service at a time and doing it well. Please challenge us to help you get to the next level. We'll leave you with this: "What is your customer looking for?" Tech Data has the answer.

Vendor Partners

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