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What is Digital Signage?

A digital sign is a video display with dynamic and variable content that can be updated and managed remotely over a network. Displays can be networked through media players and content updated through customizable content management. Digital signage is much more than a flat-screen display running full-screen TV or PowerPoint. It is about centrally controlling a network of displays relaying a specific message to an audience at the right time.

The uses of this medium seem nearly endless. Consider the local bank promoting interest rates and greetings; universities displaying directions and announcements; doctors' offices providing health tips to patients in a waiting room; and restaurants putting daily specials and chef features up for public view.

Digital Signage is a very cost-effective delivery system for businesses of all kinds to further engage consumers. At a time when capturing the public's attention is increasingly difficult, the use of digital signage can help your message stand out.

What Does a Digital Signage Solution Include?

  • Large Format Display
  • Digital Media Player
  • Content Management Software
  • Mounting System
  • Cables
Key Drivers for U.S. Digital Signage Market
  • The eclipse of mass media, both broadcast and print, creates a demand for highly-visible, real-time advertising and information
  • The decline in display prices converging with advances in technology, make it a good time to branch into the digital-signage market
  • Increased efficiency of in-store sales promotions that use digital signage encourages investment and expansion into the market
  • Opportunity for top-line growth fosters investment in digital signage
  • Support for "event-based exposure" stokes adoption of digital signage
  • Integration of digital signage with in-store or company-centric databases enhances relevancy of content and stimulates growth
  • Focus on in-store and on-location experiences urges investment in digital signage
  • Requirement for more pervasive corporate communication spurs corporations to adopt this technology
  • The visibility available with digital signs allows for increased security at every level
Benefits of Digital Signage
Digital signage draws consumers' attention to key information and engages them with compelling video and promotional updates while reinforcing brand image. The increase of in-store sales promotions being delivered by this medium encourages investment and expansion into the market.

Easy-to-use, digital signs reduce the time it takes to implement promotions and advertising from a few weeks to a few minutes. They also can be programmed to run different messages, rotating between displays varying messages throughout the day to keep audience attention.

Whether the business is looking for landscape, portrait or an entire video wall, there is a digital signage solution to fit every need.

Digital Signage Applications
  • Public Venues: directions, transportation schedules, weather forecasts, emergency alerts, stock updates and more
  • Entertainment: event schedules and video footage
  • Advertising: promotions and product features
  • Corporate: branding, employee communications, education about corporate mission, vision and values and reinforcing corporate identity

Vertical Applications

Corporate Environments
  • Update sales targets, service levels, statistics and other metrics
  • Recognize employees and promote business partners
  • Post announcements and press releases
  • Promote your brand colors and logo
  • Recognize donors and sponsors
  • Promote clubs, activities and campus events
  • Inform students of job fairs and recruiter visits
  • Highlight faculty and student achievements
  • Post facility announcements
  • Recognize employees
  • Update fundraising campaigns
  • Educate staff and patients about health-related topics
  • Introduce new products
  • Showcase current promotions
  • Advertise current rates for mortgages and savings accounts
  • Recognize employees
  • Display attractive, highly visible menus
  • Easily create and schedule daily menus
  • Post announcements for upcoming events
  • Promote your brand colors and logos

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