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4 Easy Steps To Software Licensing Success

You've been asking for it, and now it's here. Tech Data has developed a revolutionary and intuitive new Software License Selector powered by StreamOne that helps you find the right license through an online concierge that prompts you with simple questions to help you narrow your search in four easy steps. At the end of the process, you can add the appropriate license to your cart and check out with complete confidence that you have the right part at the right price. It's that simple. Of course, if you already know your part number, you can simply add it to the shopping cart on Also, now you can include software and hardware on the same order.

4 Easy Steps
Here's how the new software license selector tool works. If you're searching for software on Tech Data's website, a screen will pop up that says, "Looks like you need help selecting your part number. I can help you with that in four simple steps." Once you press "Begin," step number one is to select the end-user type by vertical market. As a bonus, end-user information can be stored in a secure, private address book you can populate if you have frequent orders for the same customers.

Once you've narrowed your search by end user and vertical market, the second step in the license-selection process is to choose the software publisher(s) and product categories from a drop-down menu. Now, as part of step three, you can select the specific product you need; however, if the list of options is still too long, you can further narrow the choices using additional publisher and category filters.

The final step in the process—step four—helps you identify the part number and gives you a price based on the product version and the number of seats you plan to license. Once you have this information, you're just one click away from adding the software license(s) to your shopping cart and acquiring the license keys. We've taken this one step futher by providing order qualification that will not allow an order to be placed with missing information.

Visit to access the Software License Selector under the tools menu or
click here to use it now. Contact your Tech Data Sales team at 800-237-8931 to learn more.

All users will need to install the Microsoft® Silverlight plug-in on their browsers to use the Tech Data Software License Selector.

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