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Tech Data Corporation

Electronic Commerce Tools

Our electronic commerce solutions give you the power of Tech Data at your desktop. You can interactively do all of the following:

  • Search for products in our catalog
  • Review detailed technical information and manufacturer-provided specification sheets
  • Receive current pricing
  • See realtime warehouse availability
  • Create formal quotes
  • Submit purchase orders
  • Ship your customized packaging from our warehouses
  • Track shipments
  • Review order history

Standard or Custom Integration Options

Our EC solutions offer electronic access to product data through the following ready-to-use tools and data files:

  • E-Business Ordering tools offers information, live transaction processing, and several tools that speed and simplify common tasks.

With some additional effort and investment, you can also integrate your existing systems with ours. The following options provide a continuous flow of information to support a high volume of business:

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is an industry-standard integration to support the swift exchange of a very high volume of common business documents.

  • XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a platform-independent connectivity option that enables realtime exchange of price and availability information, order submit, order status, and invoice detail.

  • Catalog Downloads enable you to acquire extensive (but not realtime), product price and availability information without extensive programming or communications.


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