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JDSU @ Tech Data

You know us because you depend on our technology every day.

JDSU offers a complete range of communications test and measurement solutions to address the needs of installers and IT professionals who manage Enterprise local area networks (LANs) and data centers- whether installation or maintenance, ongoing testing, or deploying new applications and services. These network professionals are many of the same customers to whom you sell cabling, routers, servers and other network equipment. By selling test equipment from JDSU, you gain incremental business for the basic test tools they rely on every day.

News & Events

Recognition and Awards
2011 Frost & Sullivan Market Share Leadership Award (Fiber Optic Test)
2010 Internet Telephony Product of the Year (JDSU Enterprise Services Application Module)
2010 Frost & Sullivan Market Penetration Leadership Award (Gigabit Ethernet Test)
2010 Test and Measurement World Best in Test Award (JDSU T-BERD® 4000)

Sept. 13 - 14, Cincinnati, OH


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