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Become a Tech Data Manufacturer Partner

Thanks for your interest in choosing Tech Data as your source for world class distribution. We serve the world's finest value added resellers and retailers of computer hardware and software — customers who may be interested in the products you manufacture or publish!

If you would like Tech Data to review your product(s) for distribution and sales potential, please take a few minutes to fill out the short form below. Your submission will be sent directly to our product evaluation team who will contact you to further discuss your products and organization.

Tech Data receives many requests for product evaluation. Because many products do not have established sales histories, Tech Data offers a program whereby you can add your products to our line listing for a test or provisional period. We can also arrange placement of your product on a major retailer's shelf for a test period. If it is determined that your product may have potential for distribution or retail placement, we will forward your information to our testing partner so they can review our testing options with you.

Required information:
Company Name:
Primary Contact:
Telephone number:
Fax number:
E-mail address:

Last Year's Revenues:

Projected Revenues for this year:

What percentage of this revenue willaccount for sales to resellers?

What percentage of this revenue willaccount for sales to end users?

Total number of SKUs?

Please provide a general description of your product(s):

Is your product hardware or software?
Hardware   Software

Are your products currently offered through distribution?
Yes  No

If yes, by whom are your products currently distributed?
(List all distributors, U.S. and International)

Are your typical customers:
Corporate Retail Both

If retail, are you currently on the shelf at any retail outlet?
Yes  No

Which retailers are you currently working with and what level of interest have you generated with these retailers?

Who referred you to Tech Data, or how did you become aware of us?



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