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Phone: 800-237-8931, ext. 83662

BlackBerry IT Channel Sales Team -- Reseller Recruitment and Training


Phone: 800-954-8692

Promotions / Programs

BlackBerry Reseller Rewards Program
The BlackBerry Reseller Rewards Program offers resellers a chance to earn rewards for growing BlackBerry solution sales.

Reward points can be earned by participating in and completing the following qualifying activities:

  1. Quarterly Sales Target Incentive
  2. Learning Program completion
  3. Event participation and more...

Points can be redeemed for BlackBerry® smartphones, BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablets and Visa® reward cards.

Learn more and register today.

BlackBerry Learning Programs and Online Training
BlackBerry learning programs and online courses offer the opportunity to complete a series of training modules and associated quizzes to acquire valuable knowledge of the complete BlackBerry solution. For details, please visit the BlackBerry Solution Provider Network and check out the “Know” section.






















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