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Tech Data has created step-by-step Playbooks to help our resellers learn more about Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) technology, and how to engage with our key vendor partners so you can start selling UCC solutions.

Access Tech Data's Unified Communications Playbooks

Dedicated Resources

Tech Data's UCC team is made up of experts ready to help you with your complex questions about UC solutions. Our team of Product Champions and Systems Engineers can help you with identifying the right product for your customers, assisting with special pricing on large opportunities and consulting you on advanced technologies and solutions.

Contact the team at 800-237-8931 x79284 or

Unified Communications Fundamentals

What is Unified Communications?
  • Convergence of voice, data, video and mobility
  • Be reached anytime, anywhere you want to be reached (UCC allows you to send a message in one medium and receive it on another)
  • Allows customers to communicate using the most appropriate device
  • UCC solutions boost productivity, efficiency and customer service

Market Overview

The Unified Communications is projected to grow to a $14.5 biliion opportunity by 2015, at a compound annual growthrate of 35%.
With this exceptionally high growth rate and the need for companies to more effectively communicate becoming more important every day, it is crucial that VAR's understand the solutions and opportunities around unified communications and collaboration.

Tech Data has developed a strategic business unit focused on unified communications to address this space and provide resources for our resellers.

UCC solutions are especially relevant in the following vertical markets:
  • Education - Primary and secondary schools are tasked to deliver a higher level of academic performance and increased graduation rates, which requires district-wide collaboration, flexible and widespread communications, and seamless access to resources. Similarly, institutions of higher learning must attract and retain the best students and faculty in an increasing competitive world.
  • Healthcare - To keep up with the expanding needs of their patients, physicians, hospitals and health systems, healthcare providers are changing how they collaborate, communicate and interact.
  • Hospitality - Today's business and leisure traveler demands up-to-date information and the ability to communicate and interact using all types of devices, while hoteliers are focused on leveraging content to deliver differentiated experience.
  • Banking and Finance - Now more than ever, financial services companies are challenged to build customer loyalty while significantly improving the cost effectiveness of operations. Companies need to offer differentiated products and services to manage the customer relationship profitably.

Unified Communications solutions help solve a number of end user issues, among them the need to
  • utilize and preserve existing UC infrastructure investments, provide cost savings (TCO) and create a solution
  • that makes them more competitive in their market space.

Components of a Unified Communications Solution

The Yankee Group estimates that integrating communication modes can improve information worker productivity by 15% to 20%.
  • Network Infrastructure Optimized for Unified Communications - Network infrastructure solutions providing a comprehensive management platform for data, voice and multimedia applications establish a foundation for fully recognizing the benefits of a unified communication solution.
  • Enterprise Unified Communications Applications - Implementation of a seamless communications architecture reduces the inconvenience and delays employees often experience when trying to find and connect with key contacts, while at the same time, providing workers with the ability control the level of contact that they receive and manage workflow.
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Applications - Unified communication's delivery of mobility, collaboration and teleworking services can help small business solve some of their most intimidating problems including productivity maximization, expense control, customer responsiveness and talent retention.
  • HD Video Conferencing - High-definition video communications creates a new level of virtual communications that enhance productivity and decision making.
  • Unified Communications Client Devices - Quality endpoint devices, including phones and headsets, purpose built for unified communications allow users to take full advantage of the benefits of a robust communications and collaboration environment.

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