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Tech Data Canada General Policies

The prices contained in this list are subject to change at any time without notice and may not be relied upon as the price at which Tech Data will accept an offer to purchase products unless otherwise expressly stated in separate letters of supply. Prices quoted on product obtained through the U.S. are subject to change due to fluctuations in prevailing exchange rates.


Detailed Terms

Delivery of Goods

All Orders – Call Centre, Web, EDI, XML

Freight will be charged on all orders.

Shipping Exceptions (Heavy weight & oversized items)

Certain items shipped by Tech Data are subject to additional charges due to carrier and logistical constraints. These items include:

  • Items of excess weight: over 100 lbs / 45 kg
  • Oversized / Non-conveyable items: Any dimension (Length or Width or Height) > 42" (107cm)
  • UPS products (Dimensional or Cubic Weight (L*W*H (in Inches) / 172.8) is greater than 70 lbs)

Multi-line orders will be evaluated on a line-by-line basis and heavy weight / oversized items will be charged accordingly.

Ancillary & Accessorial Charges

Ancillary charges occur when a freight carrier has to take extra steps to deliver products ordered from Tech Data to your location and/or that of your end-user customer. Accessorial and Ancillary will be assessed at time of order and appropriate handling charges will apply. Charges will apply for services such as extra labour, inside deleivery, re-delivery, tailgate and appointments required.

Accessorial Name Fees
Extra Labor                   $200.00
Inside Delivery           $75.00
Re-delivery                    40.00/skid
Tailgate                         $50.00
Appointment                  $15.00

Order cut-off time for Next Day Delivery

LC - Shipping Method

Orders released to LC by:

CA1/CA2 - Courier and LTL CANADA

6:00 p.m. EST/PST

CA1/CA2 - Courier Air CANADA

5:30 p.m. EST/PST

CA1/CA2 - LTL Air

3:00 p.m. EST/PST

CA1/CA2 – SameDay GTA/GVA


Handling Fee

$10 fee on all call centre orders below $1000
$7 fee on all web/xml/edi orders below $1000

Standard handling fees will not be applied on vendor drop ship or software licensing orders. Additional handling/freight charges may be applicable in certain cases such as Heavy weight/oversized items. Consult your Tech Data sales representative for further details.

Pick Up Orders

Customer Pick-Up orders will be available for pick up by the customer 2 hours after their release to the appropriate Logistics Centre. Customer Pick-Up orders that exceed 5 days, will be cancelled.

Tech Data Drop Shipments

Tech Data will drop ship orders directly to your end-user at no additional cost.

Vendor Drop Shipments

Tech Data reserves the right to not process vendor direct drop shipments on a limited number of product lines into selected provinces due to prevailing tax legislation.


Product Returns

  • RMAs are only valid for 30 days
  • Returns will be accepted for current, factory sealed product up to 30 days from the purchase date, to a maximum of 5% of previous 90 days purchases
  • $30 flat fee per RA line for all authorized returns outside of our standard terms & conditions
  • $30 flat fee per RA line for all refused shipments
  • We reserve the right to debit a fee of $75 to your account for any unauthorized use of Tech Data's freight accounts
Late Payment Fee
A 1.5% Late Fee will be calculated and charged monthly for invoices that are 10 days beyond payment terms.
Inactive Accounts
Tech Data reserves the right to deactivate an account with no purchase activity for six (6) consecutive months. An updated credit application is required and a $200.00 processing fee will be charged to reactivate an account. We appreciate your business with us and if your account accumulates over $5,000 worth of sales over the first three months after reactivation, you can receive a credit for this $200 charge.
Environmental Fees

Orders shipping into provinces where environment fees exist will be assessed a separate charge for products covered under the applicable provincial program unless the customer is properly registered as a remitter in the province and has agreed to report and remit the fees directly to the appropriate provincial agency. Any environment fees billed will be in addition to standard quoted product costs and will appear as a separate line item on your invoice. Fee structure and product categories for each of the provinces where environment fees currently exist are as follows:

Nova Scotia:

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