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Private Label Delivery

Would you like to lighten your workload, save money and eliminate days from the product delivery cycle? Now you can enhance your reputation for customer responsiveness with Private Label DeliverySM, Tech Data's innovative drop-shipping service:

  • We rush packages directly to your customers, yet all parcels display your company's logo on the shipping labels and your custom text on the packing lists.
  • You receive the customer's praise, because every order looks just like you shipped it yourself.
  • The process cuts back on the turnaround time to the end user and decreases your overall shipping cost and handling efforts.
  • The service works great whether you place orders through your sales team or over the Web.
  • The warehouse address will be on the packing list and shipping label to facilitate returns.
  • Costs will not be on the packing list for:
    • U.S. customers shipping within the U.S.
    • Canadian customers shipping within Canada

Sample Packing List

Sample Shipping Label

Is there a fee involved?

Absolutely not! Enrollment in the Private Label Delivery Program is FREE along with customizing your company logo to fit the packing slip and shipping label. (Please note: Tech Data's current shipping policy still applies)

How to Sign up for Private Label Delivery

To take advantage of the new Private Label Delivery capabilities available from Tech Data, complete the online Private Label Delivery Program Enrollment Form and submit your company logo. Also, as a way of increasing your sales, please consider taking advantage of two additional options on the packing slip.

  • First is a slogan to the right of the logo in the top center of the page. It can be up to two lines, thirty-two characters each line.
  • Second is a message at the bottom of the page. It can be up to three lines, seventy-two characters each line. You may want to add your website address, a phone number for your sales team or simply tell your customer "Thank You for your order."

How to submit your company logo

To help you maintain the highest branding standards, Tech Data requests that you submit your logo in the following convenient way:

By electronic file

Acceptable files (EPS, TIFF, BMP, GIF, or JPG) may be submitted using the following software:

  • Adobe PhotoShop, with file saved as .TIF, .JPG, GIF, .EPS or .BMP (b&w or color; 300 dpi or higher)
  • Corel Draw, with file saved as .EPS
  • Freehand, with file saved as .EPS
  • Jasc Paint Shop Pro, with file saved as .PCX

Please do not submit a low-resolution logo from your website because it will not print clearly when enlarged.

If by chance your company currently does not have a logo, a generic logo can be created for you with your company name. Logos are a great way of keeping your company name in front of your customers.

Activating Your Account for PLD

A sample of the packing slip and shipping label will be sent by fax within 2 business days of receiving your enrollment form and logo. If a response to this fax is not received within 3 business days, it will be assumed that all artwork is correct and your account will be activated. For quicker activation, please send your approval by email including your Tech Data account number to:

When You Place an Order

Once your label information is set up in our system, you can use Private Label Delivery on any dropship order. Just let your Tech Data Sales Representative know which orders you would like drop shipped directly to your customers using Private Label Delivery. When ordering over the Web, select the Blind Packaging option on the Shipping Destination tab of the Online Order form. Your custom Private Label files are automatically used for all fulfillment orders. For information on Courier Tracking numbers, please contact your Tech Data Sales Rep.

If You Have Questions

Send your questions or comments regarding Private Label Delivery to or call our toll-free Private Label Delivery Hotline at 800-237-8931, ext. 83142.


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