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Through their infrastructure, software and ecosystem of partnerships, Novell harmoniously integrates mixed IT environments, allowing people and technology to work as one. They deliver the best-engineered, most interoperable Linux platform and a portfolio of integrated IT management software that help businesses worldwide reduce cost, complexity and risk.

Oracle is committed to offering choice, flexibility and lower cost of computing for end users. By investing significant resources in developing, testing, optimizing and supporting open source technologies such as MySQL,, GlassFish, Linux, PHP, Apache, Eclipse, Berkeley DB, NetBeans, VirtualBox, Xen and InnoDB, Oracle is embracing open source solutions as a viable choice for development and deployment.

Red Hat is one of the world's most trusted open source providers. Red Hat offers a leading open source operating system platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, together with applications, management and Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions, including the JBoss Enterprise Middleware Suite. Backed by expert support, training and consulting services are delivered worldwide.

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) is a non-profit corporation formed to educate and advocate for the benefits of open source and to build bridges among different constituencies in the open-source community. The Open Source Initiative Approved License trademark and program creates a nexus of trust around which developers, users, corporations and governments can organize open-source cooperation.

The Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) is a non-profit (501(c )(6)) organization comprised of corporate, government and academic representatives whose mission is to promote the development and implementation of open source software solutions within U.S. federal and state government agencies and academic entities.

The Open Solutions Alliance (OSA) consists of leading companies dedicated to making enterprise-class open software solutions work together. OSA helps customers put open solutions to work by enabling application integration, certifying quality solutions and promoting cooperation among open solutions developers. The Open Solutions Alliance will seek to expand the market for business open software solutions through cooperative action that increases awareness of member solutions, reduces barriers to customer adoption, facilitates interoperability and explains the benefits of open solutions.

The Linux Foundation is a nonprofit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. Founded in 2007 by the merger of the Open Source Development Labs and the Free Standards Group, it sponsors the work of Linux creator Linus Torvalds and is supported by leading Linux and open source companies and developers from around the world. The Linux Foundation promotes, protects and standardizes Linux by providing unified resources and services needed for open source to successfully compete with closed platforms.

The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects such as Ant, Geronimo, James, Struts and Tomcat. The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus-based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high-quality software that leads the way in its field. This is not simply a group of projects sharing a server, but rather a community of developers and users.

The Free Software Foundation (FSF), established in 1985, is dedicated to promoting computer users' rights to use, study, copy, modify and redistribute computer programs. The FSF promotes the development and use of free software, particularly the GNU operating system, used widely in its GNU/Linux variant.

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

KnowledgeTree is an enterprise content management provider focusing on affordable document management software that is easily installed and used by business professionals. Offering commercial SaaS and on-site editions as well as a free, open source community edition, KnowledgeTree's features help organizations manage the document lifecycle, promote collaboration, reduce paper and ensure compliance.

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