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Products and Solutions

Business intelligence
More than ever, customers want to get the most out of every dollar. Most companies have massive amounts of sales and other data sitting in their databases, serving no other purpose. What if you could help your customers use that data to discover trends within their businesses? Business intelligence software can leverage that data to depict business trends to help your customers make more informed decisions. Ask your Tech Data OSS team for solution details.

Content Management
With the conversion to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) on the rise due to economic stimulus mandates, content management solutions are in demand. The best part about building an EMR solution around OSS is that it significantly reduces the overall cost, enabling you to make a hefty margin while still saving your customers money. Healthcare is just the tip of the iceberg for content management. As more and more companies consolidate resources and offer telecommuting as part of a flexible work arrangement, easy access to digital files is more critical than ever. Ask your Tech Data OSS team how they can help you build the perfect content management solution for your customer.

Enterprise IT Management
Key decision makers can benefit from the full operations visibility that business IT monitoring tools offer. With easy-to-use application, systems and network monitoring, decision makers can quickly identify problem areas and adjust business practices accordingly. To learn how to equip your customers with Enterprise IT Management tools that can offer the insight they need to streamline operations, contact Tech Data's OSS team.

With ever-tightening deadlines and the need for instant feedback, collaboration software is a necessity. From the beach to the boardroom, your customers need the ability to e-mail, update their calendar and instant message. Most importantly, they need all this at an affordable price. Open source collaboration solutions allow you to meet all of these needs while securing a tidy margin for yourself. Ask your Tech Data OSS how you can empower your customers with open source collaboration software

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