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Putting a face to a name makes good business sense, but how many of us could pick those we speak with on the phone or through email on a regular basis out in a line up?

Data Center Solutions

Head in the Clouds and Feet on the Ground

According to industry researcher Gartner, cloud computing services are a top priority for CIOs due to initiatives to reduce costs and drive growth with stagnant budgets. They also predict that over the next three years, there will be greater demand for a variety of cloud services across the board. Industry leaders agree adding their own predictions from managed services solutions becoming a key to revenue growth to fully integrated cloud stacks that support mission-critical applications to cloud-based application stores. Cloud resellers also are thinking more about how open source cloud can open up more opportunities and how fits into prosperous verticals markets such as healthcare, financial services, the public-sector and education as well as joining forces with other technologies such as mobility. But cloud computing is only one of the ways Tech Data helps its resellers make the most of 2011 data center opportunities.

Tech Data is dedicated to offering the latest data center technologies to help resellers profitably sell, deploy and manage. Through our vendor relationships, we're able to provide resellers with access to one of the channel's broadest data center solutions offerings, including hardware, software and server products necessary to complete a robust data center solutions portfolio.

Be an Authority

Being Green Is Cooler Than Ever---Sprucing Up the Data Center Makes Dollars and Sense. Learn more about why "green" is cool.

Virtual Community

Be a part of the Data Center Virtual Community at Tech Data to gain access to key data center vendors through this 24/7 virtual environment.

News & Events

  • Data Center Solutions Partner Summits
    Oct. 19 - 21 and Jan. 18 - 20, Clearwater, FL
    These three-day events that take place in sunny Clearwater, FL, are packed with fun activities and educational content including keynote speakers, opportunities to share (more)

  • Data Center Virtual Community Summits
    Nov. 8 (11:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)
    These one-day events feature themed content around a pertinent topic affecting the data center. Each event can be accessed from the comfort of your desk! Be sure to look for (more)

Vendor Partners

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