To sell the unique products and services offered through TDMobility additional agreements must be completed.

1These program terms apply to wireless activations, services, and mobile carrier products provided by ActivateIT. The Mobility Services are being facilitated by Tech Data Corporation as part of TDMobility suite. Due to the unique nature of activation services, including commission payouts, you must agree to terms and conditions not included in the Tech Data Corporation agreement.

Note: Agreeing to these conditions does not authorize you to sell plans and devices. Accepting provides authentication to proceed to specific service agreements.

To become authorized and begin purchasing BlackBerry® RIM® Software and Technical Support Services from Tech Data, you must review and accept RIM’s Terms and Conditions.

Note: Resellers must sign our RIM rider in order to purchase from Tech Data even if they have already signed a contract with another distributor. Signing opens reseller sourcing from Tech Data and does not create distributor exclusivity.

2ActivateIT is approved to accept Dealer Approval Forms, allowing resellers to purchase products and services offered by T-Mobile. To complete a Dealer Approval form, TDMobility requests additional information from the reseller and an acceptance of T-Mobile Terms and Conditions.

Note: Please click here to review the information you will need to obtain before completing the appropriate agreement.

Sprint provides telecommunicaton goods and services to business throughout the United. ActivateIT and Sprint are parties to an Master Business Solutions Agreement, and allows ActivateIT to permit resellers to subcontract a portion of it’s duties. In order to become a subcontract and sell Sprint good and services, you must review and accept Sprint’s Terms and Conditions.

ActivateIT is a Master Dealer for AT&T. In order to sell AT&T products and services you must link to the carrier website and complete the necessary form providing Master Dealer code WD313. After submitting the AT&T application a Channel Manager will review/approve the application (1-2 days). Once approved, reseller will receive an email with AT&T’s contract for approval (1-3 days). After agreeing to the contract, a reseller code will be created (10-14 days) and the Master Dealer will be provided with the code for authorization.

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If you have questions regarding any of the information provided, please contact the TDMobility team at 800-237-8931 x83662 or email us at

Requirements: In order to proceed you must be the Master EC Administrator for Tech

You will need to have the following information to complete the authorization process:

  1. Reseller Name
  2. TDReseller Number
  3. EC Administrator Name
  4. EC Administrator E-mail Address
  5. FEI/FEIN Number



If you are interested in more information please complete the form below and a TDMobility team member will contact you with 24 hours.

If you need immediate assistance please contact the TDMobility desk at (800) 237-8931 X83662 or via email at