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Quality on-site services where and when you need them

TDOnCall is Tech Data's nationwide multi-vendor family of on-site service programs. It's backed by industry-leading service providers with hundreds of field engineers. When you use TDOnCall to outsource your on-site service opportunities, you can focus on your own areas of expertise while expanding into new service offerings that would normally require costly infrastructure investments.

Let TDOnCall expand your service business
No matter your company's size, TDOnCall can help you expand your business.

If you do not currently offer on-site services, TDonCall can provide a suite of services to keep your customers' systems up and running.

If you offer service on a regional level, TDOnCall's nationwide multi-vendor coverage enables you to expand your service reach and become a nationwide service provider.

If you already provide service on a national level, you can utilize TDOnCall as a gap management solution to support remote service locations.

Major computer manufacturers supported
National service providers allow TDOnCall to cover a large variety of major computer manufacturers, including Compaq, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Gateway.

TDOnCall on-site service solutions

Tech Data's innovative package of on-site hardware maintenance services for desktop PCs, servers, laptops, monitors and laser printers is a cost-effective way to expand your service offerings nationwide. This flexible suite of professional services includes:

  • Installation and rollout services
  • Extended service contracts
  • Post-warranty maintenance contracts
  • Professional labor services
  • Custom solutions

Installation and rollout services:
Installation services are available for purchase as SKU'd items. These SKUs can be utilized for single or multiple items. All installation SKUs had a flat travel adder regardless of location. For very large installations, please contact us directly for reduced pricing.

Extended service contracts:
Extended service contacts are offered on new equipment purchased from Tech Data. Coverage is available on Laptops through Enterprise servers, and includes monitors and other peripherals. This is a SKU'd product offering and is a perfect opportunity to gain margin opportunities on every branded PC or server sale.

System builders warranty services: Designed to support and enhance the value of your white box and custom-built systems, this TDOnCall program offers you a simple and cost effective way to outsource this essential yet costly and time-consuming process. Click here for more information on System Builder Programs.

Post-warranty hardware maintenance contracts:
Maintenance contracts are available for equipment that is no longer eligible for the warranty uplift program. Maintenance contract bids may be submitted in a custom bid process, requiring a minimum of 72 hours for turnaround, or you can take advantage of our pre-determined printer SKUs available on the Web. Maintenance contracts are generally payable annually unless the contract is extremely large. Available in NBD, Same Day 4-Hour response and 7x24x4 response service levels.

Printer Playbook: Diebold Printer Maintenance Services are easy to buy and easy to sell. While warranty protects against hardware defects, Printer Maintenance Services help guard against downtime, a major cause of reduced productivity and profitability. For more information and pricing, please view the PDF.

Storage Playbook: Diebold Storage Maintenance Services offer extended warranty and post-warranty maintenance for major storage devices available today. Storage Maintenance Services help guard against downtime and provides a cost-effective way to get these expensive appliances back up and running. For more information and pricing, contact TDOnCall at 800-237-8931, ext. 64257 or send an email to

Professional labor services

Time and materials: Service is provided on a best-effort basis, usually within 72 hours of call being opened in the system. Created for those customers who choose not to utilize a contractual program, this service will provide non-critical coverage on desktops, printers, servers and LAN/WAN support.

Block time pre-purchase: Block Time allows a customer to define their technical service requirements based on technician skill sets, and pre-purchase for their end-user client a block of time to handle calls for service on non-business critical equipment that is not covered by a warranty or maintenance contract. While Block Time can be uplifted to a specific response time in some service areas, this is not a guaranteed service level, and it is not recommended for business critical equipment.

Custom solutions: Outside the scope of the pre-defined services listed above, Tech Data offers a custom bid desk to handle requests outside the scope of these service offerings. These items include project work, moves, LAN/WAN installation and set-up, MCSE and CNE contractual services, employee-leasing, Warranty and Maintenance for reseller configured BTO systems, etc. Custom bid projects require a minimum of 72 hours for quoting, and we prefer a week, especially on large custom bids.

Ordering and contact information
For more information about TDOnCall On-Site Service programs and other quality TD OnCall programs, please contact your Tech Data sales representative or contact the TD OnCall team at 800-237-8931, ext. 64257, or send an e-mail to


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