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This presentation shows proper cable routing, jumber settings, and BIOS settings to enable the AEBN AIO display with the DH61AG desktop board.

Once you've built the hardware you will need to create a bootable USB stick including the iToolkit and related batch file and INI file below.
itoolkit bat
Unzip the contents onto your bootable USB device, boot to a command prompt and execute the AEBN.BAT file.  The INI file that it loads is designed to enable the external DVI port to support an Analog DVI or VGA monitor. 

If you have an HDMI display change the second 'VALUE=2' to 'VALUE=5'.

Reboot and connect an external monitor and go into the BIOS and make the following changes.
Navigate to [Configuration] ‘Video’
Change the ‘Screen Brightness’ to <Neutral>
Select ‘Advanced Flat Panel Display Settings...’
Hit Enter
Change ‘EDID Data Source’ to <Pre-defined>
Change ‘Pre-Defined EDID Configuration’ to <Type 08: 1366x768>
Change ‘LVDS Interface Type’ to <Single Channel>
And Hit ‘F10’ and save changes

You should be good to go from there.

Contact Michael Nelson at 800.237.8931 x85087 if you have any questions or sugestions.










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