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Passport Advantage

Passport Advantage


Passport Advantage is IBM's comprehensive software licensing and Software Maintenance (product upgrades and technical support) program. It is designed for larger enterprises that may have multiple sites. Passport Advantage gives you more opportunities to obtain better pricing. Passport Advantage offers better pricing for your volume purchases over time and is based on your Relationship Suggested Volume Price (RSVP) level. You can qualify for even better pricing based on the size of individual transactions—including purchases from select Independent Software Vendors.


Enroll your end customer today:

End User Passport Enrollment



  • New enrollments require a significant initial purchase.
  • You receive your RSVP level based on your initial acquisition of licenses and software maintenance. We've simplified the way we calculate RSVP levels based on your requirements and suggestions.
  • Each acquisition is based on your RSVP or size of the transaction—whichever results in the lower price for you.
  • Your RSVP is recalculated after every transaction.
  • Additional locations or sites anywhere in the world can enroll under the same agreement so your business can leverage its combined acquisition power.
  • You get Software Maintenance with each Passport Advantage license you purchase—and prorated renewals to your organization's established anniversary date.

Licensing levels Point Value Table


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  Passport Advantage Benefits

Passport Advantage benefits include

  • Software Maintenance with each license.
  • Provides Selected Support for certain Open Source and other non-warranted code.
  • Provides comprehensive and flexible upgrade coverage.
  • Protects technology investments.
  • Provides secure access to Passport Advantage Online, a Web tool that helps you manage your installed base of IBM software.
  • Simplifies and improves software asset management.
  • Reduces acquisition and administration costs.
  • Streamlines budgeting for software upgrade and migration costs.
  • Provides immediate support coverage on newly acquired products during installation phase and for life cycle of product.
  • Incorporates flexible, easy-to-access, responsive, cross-platform customer support from IBM, worldwide.
  • Provides access to IBM software technical support for all of a customer's designated IT staff.
  • Simplifies acquisition and renewal of cross-platform customer support.
  • Enhances overall expected response time of two hours or less during normal business hours.
  • Provides 24x7 access to support resources for business-critical outages.
  • Increases self help via the Internet.


  Software Maintenance

assport Advantage includes a maintenance feature that complements your IBM software purchases. It includes both product upgrades and technical support, and fosters successful software deployments. With product upgrades, you get complete upgrade and cross-platform migration coverage for most commercially available IBM distributed software—Lotus, WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2 Information Management, and Rational Software. You can upgrade to new releases and new versions as the needs of your business dictate. Technical Support helps keep your users up and running wherever they're working in the world. This is our way of making sure you're covered with the technical support you need. This is your way of getting an increased return on your IBM investment of a total software solution.

  CEO Product categories

CEO Product Categories are collections of closely associated products, which together, create an enterprise infrastructure solution.These CEO Product Categories are offered on a per user basis and are subject to specific acquisition rules including a minimum initial user quantity requirement (minimum varies by CEO Product Category). CEO Product Category customers must acquire their first (primary) CEO Product Category on an enterprise-wide basis and subject to that category's minimum initial user quantity, and may then acquire additional (secondary) Product Categories for the same number or less users than the primary category, but subject to each secondary category's minimum initial user quantity. Pricing includes the usage of all products in the category, with Software Maintenance included. Software Maintenance ensures that customers always have the most up-to-date eligible versions of IBM distributed software—Lotus, WebSphere, Tivoli, DB2 Information Management, and Rational Software, and have software technical support to ensure their success in using the software. Available through IBM Business Partners and IBM Direct Sales.


View the CEO Product Categories Available!


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