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Empower Your Website with DataPaq

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Created through an exclusive arrangement between Tech Data® and CNET Content Solutions, DataPaq™ is a product content solution aimed at resellers, combining CNET Content Solutions product data with actionable pricing and procurement information from Tech Data.

By implementing DataPaq, technology resellers can populate their Web sites, both internal and external, with complete product information covering Tech Data's entire catalog. Updated daily, DataPaq can empower end-users to build custom data sheets that help make faster, better-informed purchase decisions. DataPaq ensures that your customers and salespeople have the most up-to-date information, providing them with a competitive edge. For Tech Data resellers that require extensive product information in a standardized and structured format for about any IT or consumer electronics SKU, DataSource™ is CNET Content Solutions's comprehensive content solution that supports more vendors and more languages than any other resource.

Together, Tech Data and CNET Content Solutions provide four content solution packages for Tech Data resellers:


DataPaq Feature Comparison
DataPaq Select Looking for more than just the basics? DataPaq Select supplements DataPaq Basic by adding the essential product images and marketing text that enable informed, rapid purchasing decisions. Rates for this service are only $4,800(US) per year.
DataPaq Premium Need a full-featured data solution that supports the nearly 200,000 SKUs carried in Tech Data's product catalog? DataPaq Premium provides extended technical specifications and product localization. In addition to all the features of DataPaq Select, DataPaq Premium lets you offer your consumers comprehensive, free text search, product grouping and comparison features to enrich their buying experience. Rates for this service are $25,000(US) per year.
DataSource Want your e-commerce site to rival that of CDW? Insight? CompUSA? Get more information about the industry's most comprehensive product content solution available to power custom datasheets, incredible searches and side-by-side product comparisons as well as a host of other applications. DataSource aggregates more detailed and rich product content from more vendors and supports more languages than any other resource, and can quickly deliver it at a lower cost and greater level of detail than any internal team. DataSource enables resellers to decrease e-commerce costs, increase e-commerce revenues, and improve productivity across the organization.

Getting started:

  • Review the Guide to Integration documents.
  • Visit the product pages and register for the product that will give you the most selling-power.
  • Receive access to DataPaq Select download within 5 business days.

This is a program unique to Tech Data and CNET Content Solutions. As a provider of IT products and services, you will want to tune and control this powerful method for influencing sales to your customers. Through creative use of the data provided in DataPaq Select and other Tech Data-provided services you will be able to achieve the greatest results and profitability.

For contractual reasons, DataPaq is available only to Tech Data customers based in North America.

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 DataPaq Premium Line Card(.pdf)
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 DataPaq Premium Features Summary(.pdf)
 Guide to Integration
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