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Welcome to the Returns FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Returns
(Effective Date for Policy: February 1, 2007)

What is Tech Data Corporation’s returns policy?

Tech Data Corporation’s returns policy allows for 30-days to return product for all items covered by a manufacturer’s returns policy. For the customer’s convenience, the policy provides 30 days from the invoice date to the issuance of a Return Authorization (RA). Furthermore, the policy extends an additional 15 days from the Returns Authorization issuance to receipt of the item in our logistics center.  (back to top)

What if the business partner will not allow the product to be returned?

If the manufacturer’s policy is no returns, Tech Data Corporation’s return policy is no returns.  (back to top)

Can an exception be made to this policy?

We are unable to make an exception to the 30 day product return policy. Tech Data Corporation has simplified our returns policy and will be providing the returns guidelines at the time of purchase. In addition, this policy enables us to provide the customer with more consistent and timely answers. This policy is more aligned with our major competitors’ stated policies.  (back to top)

What are the benefits to the returns policy?

Tech Data Corporation believes the simplified returns policy will enhance the overall customer experience:
  • The customer will be notified of non-returnable products at the time of purchase
  • The customer will get consistent responses regarding Returns Authorizations
  • The customer will get timely response (ideally on the first call) regarding Return Authorizations
  • For virtual products, credit will be issued on a more timely basis
  • It will help the customer to explain the returns policy to the end-user
  • It will allow the customer to credit your customers in a more timely fashion  (back to top)

Can the customer return a product without a valid Returns Authorization number?

Tech Data Corporation returns policy states that product returned without a valid Returns Authorization will not receive a credit. The product must be received within 15 days of the Returns Authorization issuance with a valid Returns Authorization number.   (back to top)

How does the customer know if a product is not returnable?

If a product is not returnable there is a note in red text on the product detail screen and in the shopping cart on Tech Data Corporation’s web site stating this. In addition, sales representatives can provide this information on the phone at the time of order.   (back to top)

A product was purchased as an active product, however now the product is discontinued. Can this product still be returned within the 30 day timeframe?

Product that has been purchased within 30 days is returnable as long as the manufacturer allows Tech Data to return the product to them.   (back to top)

Does the customer need to obtain a pre-authorization to return a product to Tech Data Corporation?

A limited number of manufacturers require pre-authorization for product returns. If the customer wishes to return these manufacturers’ products, the customer can ensure the return is processed promptly and accurately by proactively obtaining the required pre-authorization from the manufacturer before requesting a Returns Authorization from Tech Data Corporation.  (back to top)

If these FAQs do not address your issue, please contact the Electronic Commerce Help Desk at:

U.S. Support Line: 800-222-7926
U.S. Fax: 727-538-5823
Canadian Support Line: 800-334-2445
Latin America / Caribbean Support Line: 727-532-8850

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