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Storage Solutions

Tech Data's Storage and Server Solutions Program

Your custom-designed program to help deliver storage and server solutions to mid-market customers.

The three steps in the S3 planning process:

  1. Situation analysis and goal setting
  2. Program customization
  3. Ongoing review and fine-tuning

Step 1 - Situation analysis and goal setting
A member of Tech Data's Storage and Server Business Unit (SSBU) will spend time with you to assess your specific business issues and gain an understanding of your capabilities, your customer set, vertical market focus etc. You get the benefit of working with a seasoned, technically trained professional who can provide insight and advice around the storage and server market in Canada and the solutions that are in high demand. Furthermore, our consultant will help you to analyze the gaps between your current state and your future goals.

Step 2 - Program customization
Once these gaps are identified, a plan can be created that clearly identifies the actions required to achieve your goals. Whether it's sales training, technical certification, or marketing activities, the various elements of the S3 program can used to help you achieve those goals.

A full listing of the S3 program features and their associated benefits are outlined below.

Step 3 - Ongoing review and fine-tuning
Tech Data's business philosophy is based on long-term customer relationships and steady, sustained growth. The third step in the S3 program is less a "step" and more of a continuous business improvement process. It is our objective to keep working with you as your business evolves, constantly re-evaluating our offerings and ensuring that the support we provide is valuable and relevant.

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If you focus on storage and server solutions and want to strengthen your business practice and take advantage of the tools and resources available through S3, sign up today!
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