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Storage Solutions

Tech Data's Storage and Server Solutions Program

Your custom-designed program to help deliver storage and server solutions to mid-market customers.

Members of Tech Data's S3 program receive:

Priority access to pre-sales technical resources
  1. S3 members automatically move to the top of the SSBU hotline phone queue
  2. Telephone support provided by storage and server experts includes consultations, bids and proposals, configurations, tech-edits
  3. Joint sales calls, in person or via telephone
  4. Access to Tech Data vendor support resources


  1. Sales training - individualized to suit various levels of experience
  2. Regular communications regarding upcoming training offerings to keep you and your staff current
  3. Staff training plan to be determined in advance
  4. Access to high-level manufacturer resources for technology outlook and product road-mapping
  5. TD University for vendor-specific training to help in attainment/maintenance of technical authorizations

Vendor authorization/certification support plan

  1. Help in obtaining (and maintaining) sales and technical authorizations/accreditations
  2. Notification of changes, updates to authorization requirements

Business development funds

  1. Access to business development funds for use in offsetting some costs of:
    1. Training for sales or technical certifications, testing fees, industry events and seminars, etc.
    2. Marketing activities such as end-user events, mass mailings, trade shows, etc.
  2. All BDF activities and usage planned and approved in advance

Solution blueprints

  1. Solution guides addressing specific market segments provide insight into the hot market opportunities

Sales collateral

  1. Customizable sales and marketing collateral
  2. Presentation templates, call-sheets, sales qualifying

Access to Tech Data marketing services

  1. World-class marketing services at discounted prices
  2. Customizable to suit any service and budget
  3. Years of IT marketing experience and creative for
    1. Mass mailings and e-blasts
    2. Event management
    3. Electronic toolsets

Additional benefits and services

  1. Priority access to available vendor lead generation programs
  2. Configuration services
  3. Storage- or server-specific promotions, discounts, incentives, contests.
  4. "Promo Premiums" - accelerators and extra ballots for key Tech Data events and promotions (such as Reseller Adventure)
  5. Market research - regular updates pertaining to the Canadian server and storage markets
  6. Opportunity to attend a bi-annual technical briefing - in conjunction with our key storage and server vendors, to gain first-hand access to the top technical minds in North America

Register for S3 Joining S3 is easy!
If you focus on storage and server solutions and want to strengthen your business practice and take advantage of the tools and resources available through S3, sign up today!

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