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Storage Solutions

Tech Data's Storage and Server Solutions Program

Your custom-designed program to help deliver storage and server solutions to mid-market customers.

As a member of Tech Data's S3, you gain access to a wide range of tools and resources that can be used as needed. Through our exclusive planning process, we can help you determine exactly which elements will benefit you most, and add the greatest value as you work toward achieving your goals. In this way, the S3 program can be tailor-made to quickly help your business succeed.

Join S3 and you will receive:
  1. Priority access to pre-sales technical resources
  2. Product and solution training
  3. Vendor authorization and certification support
  4. Access to business development funds
  5. Storage and server solution blueprints
  6. Sales collateral
  7. Access to Tech Data marketing services
  8. Configuration services
  9. Priority access to vendor programs and promotions
  10. Marketing research and information

Customize your membership through the S3 three-step planning process:

  1. Situation analysis and goal setting
  2. Program customization
  3. Ongoing review and fine-tuning

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