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Have a printer opportunity? We'd like to work with you. Contact us today to see If your deal qualifies for special pricing.

Brian Dean

Mike Savard

Doug DeShazo

Phone: 800-222-7926


Refresh Promo

Refresh Promo

Trade-up to the latest Ricoh laser printers and
MFPs & earn cash rebates up to $575/unit!

3 simple steps

1. Purchase eligible Ricoh Laser Printers/MFPs.

2. Visit to trade-in your qualified aging laser printer/MFP

3. Claim your Cash Rebates for Refresh 2012 via the "Promotions" tab!

Standard Rebate:

Based on Ricoh purchase model – up to $400/unit!

Competitive Bonus Rebate:

If trade-in product is a competitive model– up to $100/unit!

Toner Bonus Rebate:

Purchase a complete toner set for your new Ricoh laser printer/MFP on the same invoice- up to $75/unit! Refresh 2012

Reward Program

Reward Program

Connect with a program that guides you to achieve an exclusive level of benefits. The Ricoh Rewards Program introduces a collection of incentives that are geared to expand your business through exclusive elite perks and extensive member support.
As a Ricoh Rewards Member, you will have a wide variety of marketing and support programs available to help drive your sales revenue and profits. The more you sell, the more you can earn through our Reseller Rewards Program.
A sampling of incentives include:

  • Attainable Quarterly Rebates up to 13%
  • Optional Rewards Card Program
  • Personal Account Manager
  • Discounted Demo Program
  • 24/7 US Based Technical Support
  • Technical Field Support
  • Opportunity Pricing Support
  • For full details on our Rewards Program, contact Brian Dean at x84318 or via email at

    Toner Recycling Program

    Toner Recycling Program

    Did You Know that Ricoh Printer/Desktop MFP All-In-One Cartridges are Eligible for Free Recycling?

    Through the Ricoh Toner Cartridge Return Program, cartridges are disassembled and all parts - including shipping and packing materials - are sorted for parts re-use, material recovery and energy recovery. Ricoh partners with an ISO 14001 certified recycling plant.

    All-In-One cartridges for the below printers/desktop MFPs are included in the Ricoh Toner Cartridge Return Program. Simply affix the provided pre-paid UPS or FedEx shipping label!

    Color Laser Printers
    Ricoh SP C231N Ricoh SP C242DN Ricoh SP C320DN
    B&W Laser Printers
    Ricoh SP 1210N Ricoh SP 3400N Ricoh SP 3410DN Ricoh SP 4100NL Ricoh SP 4310N Ricoh SP 5200DN Ricoh SP 5210DN Ricoh SP 6330N
    Color MFP's
    Ricoh SP C240SF Ricoh SP C242SF
    B&W MF's
    Ricoh SP 1200SF Ricoh SP 3400SF Ricoh SP 3410SF Ricoh SP 5200SF Ricoh SP 5210SF Ricoh SP 5210SR

    Trade In Program

    Trade In Program

    The Ricoh Trade-In Program provides you cash, recycle and donation options for your pre-owned technology, making new Ricoh purchases even more affordable.

    The Ricoh Trade-In Program gives you the ability to get an on-line, instant trade-in quote value for previouslyowned technology, regardless of manufacturer. Visit today. See below for quick steps to cash redemption. Ricoh supports its commitment to the environment, providing FREE de-manufacturing of any eligible trade-in product without a current fair market value when an eligible Ricoh printer is purchased. Pay only shipping costs. Help others by giving your equipment a second life as a tool for developing human potential. Donate equipment to non-profit organizations and educational facilities via the National Cristina Foundation per the direct link on

    Steps to CASH:

  • Step 1: Click "Get a Free Quote" to receive an instant trade-in value for quantities of 50 units or less.
  • Step 2: Describe the pre-owned equipment through completing a few quick questions related to product and condition.
  • Step 3: Purchase NEW Ricoh eligible Printer(s).
  • Step 4: The Ricoh Trade-In Program will provide you downloadable pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping label(s)
  • Step 5: Fax the "Acceptance Notification E-mail" along with "Proof of Purchase" Ricoh invoice to 770.925.9064

  • Checks with Trade-In Value will be issued approximately 45 days after receipt and inspection of the trade in product as well as receipt of customer's proof-of-purchase for new eligible Ricoh purchases. Market Velocity has the right to modify the trade-in value if the actual condition of the equipment varies from that which was entered on-line.

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