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High Availability, Low Complexity: The Oracle Database Appliance Makes It Possible!

You know how frustrating database downtime can be. The risk of lost opportunities and revenues is one you just can’t afford to take. Yet a high-availability database solution can be costly and complex to integrate in-house. So what’s the answer?

The answer is the Oracle Database Appliance. It’s a new offering that includes database and systems software, server, storage and networking. All in a single box. It’s simple to install and even simpler to manage. Why? Because it includes automatic system error detection and correction, data backup and failover features. That means the system is available whenever you need it– which is all the time.

The Oracle Database Appliance is nothing short of a breakthrough. It’s never been so easy to ensure maximum performance and reliability for your applications. The Oracle Database Appliance is engineered for simplicity to make your life—and your customers’ lives–easier.

The Oracle Database Appliance can help you:

  • Maintain high data availability. Multiple protection and self-correction features keep applications up and running.
  • Minimize complexity. All the components have been engineered to work together because they all come from a single vendor—Oracle— eliminating cost and complexity across the board.
  • Reduce costs. The Oracle Database Appliance is more affordable than purchasing all the elements separately and is far more cost-effective to manage.
  • Increase customer responsiveness. Whether your applications are used by customer-facing staff, the customers themselves or both, they’ll do their jobs better backed by optimal performance.
  • Lower TCO. Oracle’s unique pay-as-you grow licensing lets you scale at your own pace so you pay only for what you need. And the auto-management features also keep costs down.

Optimal performance made easy. Discover the Oracle Database Appliance today. Contact your Oracle Team Product Sales Champions at 800-237-8931, ext. 82082, or


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