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Enterprise Solutions

Fujitsu PRIMERGY Server Products

As a global IT infrastructure provider, Fujitsu offers a complete range of servers designed to fill any role in today's business. Whether your business requires affordable entry-level servers, compact and scalable blade systems, or advanced multiprocessor servers capable of handling the most demanding data center applications, the PRIMERGY® line delivers Intel® Architecture servers with the rock-solid reliability and industry-leading performance you need.

Text Box: STYLISTIC® Slate PCs

Express Buy Servers Now Available PLUS Free Component Integration!
Fujitsu is now bringing its successful Express Buy program to the PRIMERGY® Server Line. We are launching this new enterprise server program by offering eight new server base configurations – 3x PRIMERGY RX200 S6 and 5x PRIMERGY RX300 S6 rack server base units. These systems cover a wide variety of configurations and are offered at aggressive price points. These systems and a set of recommended PRIMERGY accessories for these models will be kept in local stock allowing for excellent lead times and increased flexibility in quickly matching customer configuration needs.
Learn more about Express Buy Rack Servers

PRIMERGY RX300 Rack Server Express Buy

  • Excellent power efficiency with highly efficient 92% efficient power supplies
  • 8x 2.5” hard drive model used in the Express Buy program allows for optional tape backup for easy high availability
  • Support for up to 192 GB of RAM to support today’s virtualized environments
  • 7x PCIe slots for flexible expansion
  • Industry leading performance in standard benchmarks
  • No equivalent product from our competitors can match the combination of hard drive bays, PCIe slot expansion, memory expansion, and power efficiency offered by the PRIMERGY RX300 S6

(BUY NOW VFY:R3006SC140US, VFY:R3006SC130IN, VFY:R3006SC150US, VFY:R3006SC160US,  VFY:R3006SC170US)

PRIMERGY RX200 Rack Server Express Buy

  • Excellent power efficiency with a choice of 450W or 700W power supplies to match your power profile
  • 6x 2.5” hard drive model supports up to 3 TB storage in 1U
  • Support for up to 192 GB of RAM to support today’s virtualized environments
  • 2x PCIe slots + embedded RAID
  • Industry leading performance in standard benchmarks
  • No equivalent product from our competitors can match the combination of hard drive bays, PCIe slot expansion, memory expansion, and power efficiency offered by the PRIMERGY RX200 S6

(BUY NOW VFY:R2006SC110US, VFY:R2006SC120US, VFY:R2006SC130US)

PRIMERGY TX100 Tower Server

The perfect "first server" for customers whose business has grown beyond regular PC-based solutions. 

PRIMERGY TX150 Tower Server

The right system for SMEs or decentralized infrastructures that require an expandable and available single socket server. 

PRIMERGY TX200 Tower Server

Perfect for customers that need a server which offers dual processor computing power at an affordable price. 

PRIMERGY TX300 Tower Server

A combination of advanced processor and storage technology plus a wealth of features to enhance uptime. 

PRIMERGY RX100 Rack Server

Designed with a surprising amount of functionality and performance in an affordable and compact chassis.

PRIMERGY RX200 Rack Server

With a 1U rack chassis, this server allows data center administrators to pack a tremendous amount of performance in a small space.

PRIMERGY RX300 Rack Server

 Advanced processor and memory technology with a robust I/O to easily handle the demands of today’s increasingly virtualized data centers

PRIMERGY RX600 Rack Server

The ideal application and infrastructure server for organizations that need a reliable platform that can grow with their requirements. 

PRIMERGY RX900 Rack Server

An ideal application and database server for organizations that need a robust platform that can scale with their requirements. 


Offering a choice of dual or quad processor server blades, each with dual hot-plug hard drive bays, featuring the full power of rack servers in a blade server form factor.


Offering the highest blade and processor density on the market, this is a state-of-the-art distillation of blade server technology. 


Distilling the high-performance capabilities of the BX900 into a half-height rack or roll-about Tower server, the BX400 is the newest innovation in Fujitsu PRIMERGY blade servers.

Enterprise Solutions


Text Box: Entry-Level Storage 

Start small and expand as your data grows. Compact cost-effective disk storage systems with enterprise-class system reliability. ETERNUS DX60/DX80/DX90 provide solutions to those data management issues small to medium enterprises struggle with daily.

ETERNUS DX60 Storage System

Enterprise-class functionality, unparalleled power efficiency and high availability in a quiet compact 2U entry-level storage offering. 

ETERNUS DX80 Storage System

Enterprise-class functionality, power efficiency, and high availability in a quiet, compact cost-effective 2U mid-range storage package.

ETERNUS DX90 Storage System

Similar functionality of DX80 while expanding fibre channel connectivity to eight 8 Gb FC ports and supporting remote replication between DX90 storage systems.

UDS 3000

The UDS 3000 from Fujitsu is a powerful, turnkey, storage solution that simplifies storage deployment, provisioning and management.

UDS Gateway

The UDS Gateway features clustered controllers that scale from 2 to a maximum of 16 clustered nodes with support for up to 2PB of capacity delivering scalable file services for all ETERNUS DX, or older, storage systems


Text Box: Mid-Level Storage 

Enterprise-level functions in a series of mid-range system models. Excellent growth capacity, very high reliability, top performance - these are just a few benefits of these well-tailored disk storage systems.

ETERNUS DX410 Storage System

Best-in-class performance and scalability delivering functionality and connectivity required for today's demanding networked storage environments.

ETERNUS DX440 Storage System

Heavy database applications, storage consolidation, more cache, greater connectivity, higher performance, and 313 TB of raw capacity.

ETERNUS DX8400 Storage System

Dual-controller configurations for price sensitive mission-critical applications that demand the seamless scalability of performance and capacity.

ETERNUS DX8700 Storage System

Designed for the most demanding data centers featuring cost-effective tiered storage through the use of Nearline low-cost S-ATA drives and MAID technology. 

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