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AOC News & Events

AOC introduces the e950Sw, a slim 18.5" monitor with clean styling and LED technology, priced to appeal to value-conscious consumers. Although e950Sw is a monitor with a focus on value, AOC has not skimped on display dynamics, with a vivid contrast ratio of 20,000,000:1 DCR ensuring clear visibility and vibrant images. (TD# 4801AD)

AOC brings 3D to your PC! AOC's e2352Phz features Flicker Free 3D technology: passive polarized glasses so you can enjoy pleasant, vivid 3D images. The high-dynamic contrast of 20,000,000:1 reveals more depth and detail in darker scenes. It connects to any PC, and is ready to play 3D video and sound from the latest consumer electronics devices. (TD# 4533AD)

The USB Monitor, e1649Fwu, showcases AOC's dedication to expanding its display offerings and using the latest technologies to come out with innovative and user friendly products. This monitor is completely USB powered -- AC adapter free and the digital input feeds through a USB. Its Smart Stand pivots out when needed, supporting both a landscape and portrait display. (TD# 4532AD)

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